Introducing: Dividend View on Dhan

We all like benefits. Perks. Coupons. Gifts.

For traders, the benefit of staying glued to their screen could be in the form of all that “green” they view on their Dhan app. Or that self-congratulatory pat on the back when their stocks outperform the index.

For investors, it could be the steady compounding they receive on their holdings. Or it could be something which they never expected, like the happy feeling Warren Buffet expressed when Apple paid $785 million of it to Berkshire Hathaway last year.

Yes, you are right. We’re talking about Dividends.

Introducing all-in-one Dividend View on Dhan!

Now, never miss a dividend update from your favourite company. We have introduced a standalone view where you can check your consolidated dividend history by filtering via stocks, or via payouts.

Here’s how you can check Dividends:

Tap on the Money section and scroll to the Dividends tab in the app header.

Note: Since this is a historical view and meant to highlight the perks of owning a stock, the dividend details remain on your app long after you have exited the stock as well.

Not just this, on Dhan you will also see company specific dividend payouts on respective portfolio holdings as well :slight_smile:

Empowering our investors has always been our goal. With this line of thought, we had introduced deeper portfolio insights last year. Dividend View is one more step towards that goal.

We hope you enjoy when you visualise the “gifts” of investing. Our gift will always be the early believers and supporters like you.

PS: Please note that, as a Stock Broking platform Dhan has no role to play in the dividend payouts to you. Dhan will merely look at your portfolio holdings on any given day, and on the basis of corporate actions (in this case payment of dividends), will update your Dividends. In case of delays and non-payment or credit of dividends, you will have to contact the company and / or its registrar only.

More to come from us. Thank you.

Product @ Dhan


Appreciate new features, but try to make your TV charts bug free, today morning HDFCBANK stopped loading after 10 mins for a while but others were working fine, this happens quite often actually, quite buggy. Some charts stop loading, interface lags. Have to hard refresh multiple times to get it to work again.

Hi @turing0102 ,

This shouldn’t have happened. Please do share the screenshot if you encounter the issue again, we will try to resolve the issue at earliest.

These are great features. So the worries about the upcoming dividend payout are gone. Everything can be seen in a single view and so that accountability can be handled properly.

Appreciate the feature, It is actually a brilliant idea to be able to show all the dividends received in a single place.
I would however like to point out that the data is not getting updated as seamlessly as it should be.
A couple of my scripts went ex-dividend last week, but the dividend payout tab is yet to reflect the same.
Requesting you guys to kindly take a look.

Hi @Vishk519 ,

Can you please let us know which all stocks you are referring too? You can share it on as well with the details, will get it checked.

Hi @RahulDeshpande ,

It’s been more than a month since I raised the issue related to dividend here but I don’t see any resolution yet.

Please let me know if you need more details.

Hey, @RahulDeshpande,

Sorry for the late reply, I gave the customer support a go the last time and they got the list updated.
However, with new stocks announcing dividends, the list is yet again not updating itself, My purpose behind writing to you guys is to get the function to work seamlessly on its own, not having to tweak it every time to get an updated list.

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