Introducing Draft Orders - Create Orders now and Execute them whenever you want!

First, let’s get this right, is Draft Orders like a Forever or GTT Order - No.

Is Dhan bringing Forever Order on Sell-Side - Yes, it’s coming very soon.

So then what are Draft Orders?

It’s simple, it’s an order you create on any side - Buy or Sell; any order type - Market, Limit, Trigger, Bracket, or Cover; and send it to the exchange at will - whenever you want, instantly!

How & why did we start building Draft Orders?

Well, there are many reasons:

  • We noticed many users on Dhan adding single orders in Baskets and sending them to exchange when their right price-action was triggered
  • We also saw many users doing this via webhooks for TradingView actions
  • For positional traders, we observed many users studying their charts post-market hours and creating their strategy for the next day, and at times strategies on both sides of market direction

We spoke to many traders (& investors too), when markets are volatile (as they are these days) - any additional time spent on creating an order is then sending it to the exchange takes up a few more seconds than they want to save for. For options traders, many experienced traders as well get surprised by the price & market movements on the expiry day.

That’s why we are bringing (industry first) solutions for this with Draft Orders. We’re hoping this matches many many use-cases that traders have. Once the order is executed, it goes away from your drafts. Of course, you can edit & manage it anytime, and we also show you market-depth against every draft order.

We spoke about the Draft Orders feature in our recent interactions with traders at Dhan HQ, and they simply loved the idea. Now we only hope to build more on this and make it incrementally better over the coming days.

For Traders:

Now you can execute your orders at will. Build your strategy, monitor the markets - check market-depth in real-time, and when the time is right for market entry or exit, execute it instantly in a single tap. Just remember - don’t overtrade.

For Investors:

Yes, we have your favourite Stock & ETFs SIPs on Dhan - daily, weekly, and monthly, but even then there are use-cases like buying on the go when markets correct.

Here are some features that we have enabled on Draft Orders:

  • More Control: Select any type of order you want - either on the buy-side or sell, across all segments, and all order types that are permitted
  • Execute on the Go: All Draft Orders are instant and are enabled with single-tap execution
  • Market Depth: Every Draft Order shows you market depth in real-time. You already know how important this is :slight_smile:
  • Modify Orders: You can do it all - add, edit, manage, and delete your Draft Orders anytime

How to Place a Draft Order:

We will start enabling Draft Orders on the Web, Dhan App (iOS and Android), and also in the Options Trader app. Simply navigate to the Orders section, and you will see Draft Orders, single-tap and create your first draft, and more and more :slight_smile:

As mentioned earlier, draft orders that are executed are removed from drafts automatically. For now, we have enabled 100 Orders in Draft mode for users, based on the usage and feedback - we can either make them more or less.

Here’s a video on using Draft Orders on Dhan App

We are sure that Draft features are going to be of huge help to all of our users. Do try the feature and keep sharing your feedback.

Thank you,


I was waiting for this for a long time.
For webhook I have to take paid plan of TradingView.

Will it have this feature that my order is placed only when it comes at a particular price and a different buy or sell price has been given in that order.

Let’s say I want to place a buy limit order for 495 when SBI price comes to 500.
And money from my account will be deployed only when this order is deployed

Hi @Ravinder_Sharma,

I really appreciate you helping us improve our process - We can definitely build a feature around it which will place an order as soon as the market reaches your desired price but the order will get executed only when you have sufficient balance in your trading account.

This feature has a potential to workaround a major roadblock that I am facing as a swing trader. Not having an SL with Dhan or exchange because of eDIS issue. Previous pleas from other members here (listing only two here since I was not allowed to post more than two links)

Stoploss for delivery trades;

For this, swing trader could create a draft order for the open positions. Send those for execution at the market open and relax knowing my SL is in place if the position moves against me. I understand that this is daily effort at the market open but other swing traders may be willing to take the effort till Dhan brings Forever Order on sell side for equity. However, either one of following needs to be added to ease the pain of creating draft orders everyday.

  • Add an ability for the draft orders to persist instead of removing those from drafts since swing positions are maintained over multiple days/weeks/months. That way I need not create the order again the next day, everyday. OR
  • Add an ability to move an order to Draft (e.g. an already placed order can be marked for draft such that it becomes available in draft as well).

Please consider. Thanks!

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Hi @irrational.mind,

Great Idea! thanks for taking the time to send this one in. We’ll discuss this internally & and once we update the same we’ll surely notify you.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing back. I would argue that this is a better solution than Forever order on one critical parameter since the order would be with the exchange rather than the broker so the slippage/liquidity issues will be minimized. Obviously with the understanding that this involves extra step of sending all orders to exchange with “Execute all” button.

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Hi Team,

We need a improvement in Draft order, If we place 90-100 orders in Draft and I got my price alerts then we need to scroll down a big list of draft orders, please arrange a search options from saved orders, alternate may be that orders should be arranged A-Z (It will be easy to search my saved order in Draft.
@PravinJ Sir pls check if any possibility for the above feature request.

Hi @yogesh86k

We do have the option to search your Draft order, so whenever your price alerts hit you can directly execute your order from here.

Refer to the below screenshot.

Hi, This search option is for search any stock and add draft order but my concern is if I want to search option from Added draft orders.

Noted. Will evaluate this @yogesh86k

Hi Team, Any update on Search option in Draft order saved?

Hi @yogesh86k We haven’t observed very high orders / user for draft orders among users yet. At this moment, the feature would not be very useful to users.