Introducing: Fast Keyboard Shortcuts for Traders on Dhan Web

Hi All,

Trading is all about speed and efficiency - most traders will agree. Not so long ago, relative speed and efficiency in trades were achieved with the trading terminal. Now? We are ensuring that the same experience with trading is lightning fast with Dhan across all our platforms.

The trading terminals were known for their keyboard actions. Right? As it made trading super fast and smooth. Continuing our endeavour to bring best in class trading experience for you, and to have a similar feel of trading terminals we have now introduced Fast Keyboard Shortcuts for Traders on Dhan web.

Now Live: Fast Keyboard shortcuts for Traders on

Before we get started on this - we want to ensure we have selected the right keys + controls + shortcuts that will ensure you learn these fast.

Dhan keyboard shortcuts are made keeping in mind such users need not to touch the mouse and can navigate throughout the platform just by using a keyboard. The shortcut ranges from everything - simply searching a stock to also placing an order.

List of shortcuts for Windows machines:

  • General Shortcuts
    • Search a scrip: Just start typing the name of scrip
    • Open Chart: Ctrl + C
    • Open Full Screen Chart: Alt + C
    • Open scrip on Alt +T
    • Open Company Page: Enter
    • Buy Order Window: Ctrl + B
    • Sell Order window: Ctrl + S
  • Top Menu Navigation Shortcuts
    • Home: Ctrl + Shift + H
    • Markets: Alt + M
    • Watchlist: Alt + W
    • Portfolio: Alt + H
    • Positions: Alt + P
    • Orders: Alt + O
    • Money/Funds: Alt + F
  • Order Types Shortcuts
    • Today’s Order: Alt + O
    • Basket Order: Alt + B
    • SIP Order: Alt + S
    • Forever Order: Alt + G
    • Draft Order: Alt + D
  • Watchlist Navigation
    • Navigate between watchlists: ← & →
    • Navigate stocks in a watchlist: ↑ & ↓

All these shortcuts are available in macOS also. Apart from these shortcuts, our platforms support all tradingview shortcuts on the charts (in case we haven’t told you about this earlier).

Hope these shortcuts help you to trade with the same lightning-fast speed of our products. Do let us know your feedback.



Keep scaling high with customers Dhan. Great going.


Small but very useful enhancement!



Hi @Naman

Nice addition!

It would be great if following can be also accommodated.

Let’s say, in the left side pane watchlist script1 is selected and in the right side pane chart of script1 is opened.

Now, if user presses down arrow and selects script2, it should load the chart of script2 in the right side pane.

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Was very much needed. This will surely reduce time in shuffling tabs and buttons on PC and make analysis and placing trade way easier. The shortcuts made are too easy to remember. Thanks Team Dhan for this enhancement.

Keep growing. :+1:


Hi @Naman

First thanks for this feature for Dhan Web. It is amazing. However the search which we do by typing script name needs to be improved. Like if I type 17800 in TV search it gives results but in direct dhan web search it doesn’t.

Second Can you extend this keyboard shortcut feature on TV as well?

Source: Help Center and Support — Shortcuts — TradingView


Hi @Sahil

Thanks for highlighting and requesting this. We will add the search functionality for numbers as well. Currently this is for alphabets.

Also, has all the tradingview keyboard shortcuts. List is same as you have pasted above.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Naman

Can you also look into this feature request as well Feature Request TV and Dhan Web

Hi @Naman
A great feature indeed. Is there any way to edit or disable the shortcuts?

Hi @The_Waker

Thanks for your suggestion. We will evaluate this on adding a toggle for keyboard shortcuts.