Introducing Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side

@JayK Can we have bracket order for swing trades?

Hi @AKM,

Bracket Order is available for Intra-day orders only.


If we can get Bracket order for swing trade also not only for intraday , it will make trading easier for delivery trades, as GTT for sell side is not available we can use Bracket Order for delivery trades.

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Is OCO Forever available for equity ? Any plans for combined SL for Short Straddles/ Strangles ?

Hi @Ninaad

Welcome to Dhan community. We will explore adding Forever orders for Equity in few months, we are waiting rollout of DDPI regulations.

@PravinJ Could we have the GTT OCO orders for equities. This would be really helpful for swing traders like me. I understand your focus is on the more professional/super traders who deal in Options and FnO and hence more features are being released on that aspect - which is fair enough. But would be nice if the team can consider this as well. I am a recent convert to Dhan, and missing this feature badly.

Hi @Tridib

Firstly warm welcome to Dhan community. As you must have already seen on this thread and many others where we speak of Forever / GTT orders - we have received this feedback to bring it to Equities as well. We know it’s important, and we have acknowledged that as well. Unfortunately we do not have physical Power of Attorney (PoA) to readily do this, but we are evaluating other options. Because of EDIS implementation - we are bit stuck and other solutions on reminders / nudges aren’t very effective.

Trading systems are difficult to build, and we want to ensure we do a good job on this when it comes to Dhan. We are committed to launch the features we announced for Sept / Oct, and some feedback on ongoing features like charts, speed, reportings and more. We are looking forward to launch of DDPI which will ensure we can do Forever / GTT for equities as well, on sell side. That side, this is on our radar and things to do.

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Hi @PravinJ , Thank you for reverting back so promptly. Really appreciate the transparency with which you explained the challenges. I shall await the implementation of the feature and others. In the meanwhile let me thank you for the platform you are building. I am gravitating towards it for my one stop of source of trading as I discover more about it , the ease of use and other features , market news , technical data and others.

@PravinJ if we could also get Bracket Order for swing trading that will be beneficial, this is most important important requirement for swing trader, with bracket order we can place desired Entry, Exit and SL for swing trades and wait for execution. I request you implement this feature Bracket Order for swing trades

Hello Team,

I’m trying to place the order with stoploss lessthan the Dhan stoploss recommending. Which is good for me as per my strategy.

But reducing risk and placing bracket order is my choice with risk planned.

Why is this condition implemented in Dhan?
If possible, kindly disable this option for bracket orders.


Hi @iyapaa,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting this checked.

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Hi @iyapaa,

  • The lower limit of the Stop Loss is calculated as 0.25% of LTP (223.30 * 0.25% = 0.558, which is ~0.6).
  • And the upper limit of the stop loss is calculated as
    • The leverage for Intra-day is 5x for this stock meaning, you can buy 1 qty of this stock for 223.3/5 = 44.66 in Intra-day (BO order is always Intra-day)
    • The stop loss is kept at 80% of the buy price, which is 44.66 * 80% = 35.728 (minor variation as per live price fluctuation)

Hope this helps.

Hello @Simran ,

Thanks for the clarification.

But even if the LTP goes to 220 or 224.85 also I can’t place the stoploss order below 0.55.
which is not coming under my trade plan for stoploss.

I’m facing this issue in other stocks too.

I don’t know how to trade in @Dhan with my trading plan for bracket order.
Kindly help me on this or suggest alternate a workaround or fix it from @Dhan side.

**NOTE: **

  1. Don’t advise me to change the stoploss. It is against my trade plan of my strategy.
  2. Don’t advise me to place separate orders for buy and sell (target or stoploss).
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Hi @iyapaa

This is as per our RMS policy. We have noted your feedback.

Sell Side forever possible if we provide POA. If we have many orders in line then it’s become hard to authenticate every time.

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So for sell side forever order,we need to add the scrip in watch list and do selling.
With current feature we cannot do it from position??

Hi @Nivetha

We have address your query here.

Further, we have your feedback to place it from the position tab.

U mean we need to buy a stock/option and after which we can sell it through forever order by putting sl and target?

I am buying an nifty option as intraday order and after which particular option will be in my position,can sell the option as forever?
Does forever support Intraday??

Hi @Nivetha,

OCO is available currently for F&O Normal orders. We have your feedback on this feature to include Intra-day as well.

Post DDPI launch, we will build this feature for Equity as well.

For real-time help, feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app.