Introducing Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side

@Kiran , @PravinJ , @Naman,

  1. I reported this problem Forever order unble to set above trigger price is it resolved?
  2. @Satyam sell side forever order is not possible because of e-DIS, You have authenticate before sell.

Another feature request on forever order, if implemented then it will be industry first.

Currently when I create forever order it will be effective immediately and enabled for next 1 year.

Instead of that what I want one can have a choice here like I can able to create forever order today with start and end dates(off course end date is less than 1 year). It should not trigger before start date and after end date. Also get deleted after end date.

Why this is needed?
Few trading strategies are based on time based stoploss/ entry not necessarily price based