Introducing: Good Trader’s Best Friend - Stop Loss (with added benefits)

Dhan already has Bracket & Cover orders, so what’s new here with Stop Loss?

Starting with insights here, Dhan has managed to achieve 50% - 50% of investors & traders. We are building for both these distinct personas and most of the features for both appear more on experiencing the product and not up front.

Over the past 60 days, right since Dhan was out we have built the Manage Positions views for traders on Dhan slowly and steadily considering feedback of all different types of traders - Equity, Futures & Options.

Today we are announcing a massive upgrade to these screens, the biggest of all is a simplest one - Adding Stop Loss to any of your Open Positions.

Allow us to explain how this works, this is best experienced yourself but we will try our best to do this in words :slight_smile:

Every single open trade position you have in the market, you can manage it now in-depth with -

  • Any position without a Stop Loss - will be highlighted as a Naked Position
  • You can add a Stop Loss from the same view
  • Your Stop Loss leg will be a Limit order, or with a Trigger price and also for a partial quantity / lot or a full size.
  • You can track execution of the Stop Loss order from the same view - no need to toggle between positions, orders, or anything.

This is not all, Dhan will also show you performance of the underlying asset.

  • For open position in Options - track Open Interest (OI), OI Change, Traded Volume right there in real-time, and with also underlying Spot Price in real-time
  • For open position in Futures - track again Open Interest, Change, Trade Volume, VWAP, Premium or Discount and more. All of this again in real-time

The more in-depth information on Manage Positions continues with showcasing real-time Position Summary, availability of Market Depth and shortcuts to taking your positions to Charts and then back.

You must have already seen and experienced the real-time P&L span on Open Positions (posting here below for reference), ability to see split positions in Profit & Loss, and also ability to exit positions only in Profit, only in Loss, or the entire market - all in a single tap.

On Dhan, we don’t simply let you trade - but trade smartly with all features, tools, and information that will help you decide.

And coming back to the most important point and our personal advice to you - Add Stop Loss.

Unmatched trading experience for intra-day traders - be it Futures, Options of Equity - only on Dhan. As always, we are building for you. Feedback most welcome. :raised_hands:

Growth team @ Dhan


I have been an active day trader and swing trader in the US equity and options markets since 2015,
Have seen all these features from day 1 over there. And have used several trading platforms over this period and
Its really exciting to see Dhan introducing all these features for Indian Traders ease of trading.

@PravinJ, You are building a great product.

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Thank you for the kind words @Ajinkya_Thakur.

There is more to come. Believe that both - investing & trading experience should be much better, we are trying out best at Dhan and building based on feedback & suggestions we get from our users.

There’s one more feature that is very popular,
At market open the volatility is at its peak, placing orders at that pace in multiple stocks is a tough job that too with a bracket order (entering a position at a specific trigger price, a limit price and a stop loss with a limit price) all in one single order entry.

We configure and use “elgato” in that case, one single tap on elgato and the order is in,
traders configure elgato themselves but the trading platform needs to have that kind of bracket order.

@PravinJ i can help and elaborate more and more practical daily trading encounters and solutions to these, if you allow me to.