Introducing Group Positions: Now Manage Your Open Positions More Effectively

Hi @Gangavarapu

Noted. Thanks for your request, we will evaluate and try to incorporate in our roadmap.

Hi @Naman @PravinJ ,

This grouping feature is really useful when the positions are for different underlying.


However, very often, in order to manage the risk the trader creates intraday positions for same underlying for which he has overnight positions.

So, if in the Open Positions section, if you can provide two more tabs for order type i.e. Overnight (Normal) and Intraday, it would really help in managing open positions with different strategies.


how to exit all instruments from basket with single button …pls guide ?

Without this if we select 5 instruments in a basket…should we exit one by one each instrument will be very time consuming , confusing & might maximise our loss… Is there any feature to exit all positions within a basket with a single exit button…even in options trader app today placed order but was not able to find any such button for single point exit

Hi @SanjayD

Thanks for feedback and feature requests.
Once you have executed a basket you can exit all positions using Exit All button.

Also we are already planning to build something on similar lines. We understand your point, currently you can create another basket with opposite transaction type and execute it to exit the previous basket. But yeah, this is still a little more effort but this is best for now you can do.

hi Naman , where is the exit all button tab ?

Hi @SanjayD

It is just below the Open Positions section on left side. This will appear only when you have tick marked the check box. To exit all positions, tick mark all the positions from the header check box and click the Exit button below. It will ask for a confirmation with toaster.

PFA screenshot for reference:

Thanks a lot Naman for the screenshot . Had mailed as well finally got to see this today is a relief…
But as a feedback would suggest you to provide us feature to exit all positions at once created in a basket without checklisting them as you know we are option buyers & every sec saved is a bonus !!!

HI, I have more than 10 positions, can I see all of them on one page ? because right now I cannot see more than 10 open positions.

Hi @Mamta

You will be able to see all the position on same page. Please email us with more details (screenshot) at so we can check on your specific scenario.

Hi Team,

“In Positions” page, there is an option button to “View Group Position”, It groups each and every entity separately. (See attached Snapshot.)

It is a very useful feature. But when I go to another page and come back to this page, then the grouping is gone. I have to click on the group button again. I am doing this at least 50 times daily and it is very annoying.

It would be very very very helpful that if I navigate to another page and come back to this page, The grouping is sticky and If I want to ungroup, I will click on the ungroup button.

But the maximize feature which is next to this button is sticky.


Janaki Saravanakumar.

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Noted this @Janaki_Saravanakumar, we will try to see if it is possible to save this in the session. The same group positions is also available on Dhan apps btw.

Also welcome to Dhan community.

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Hi PravinJ,
The next Maximize/Minimize button is sticky.
Thank you.

Janaki Saravanakumar.

@Naman does this exit all button in the positions , automatically slice down the quantity freezing limit and let us exit ???
if we have more quantity in the positions than the quantity freezing limit , will it (exit all option as shown in the above pic) be able to exit or give error ??

any working solution to exit it quickly except creating a basket of multiple opposite legs.

Hi @Varsha777,

Yes, the “exit all” will automatically slice with iceberg and works seamlessly in all cases.

However, it is important that the parent leg is squared-off first for the hedge positions to avoid margin shortfall.

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