Introducing: KYC Control Centre for Dhan

Dear All,

The KYC guidelines and requirements for Stock Broking, and other Investing Products like Mutual Funds are ever evolving. We expect more changes to come by and as always we want to ensure we continue to provide a seamless experience to our users on an ongoing basis.

With that thought process, we are now introducing KYC Control Center for our users, this goes live today and is available for our Exchange registered users on this link. Going ahead, we will also keep adding more details in the KYC Control Center to support upcoming products like Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc.

For now we have an important requirement for Investors & Traders on Dhan.

As per SEBI guidelines, KYC Registration Agencies (KRA) are responsible for validating clients’ KYC details as per their records. While opening an account with us, you might have received an OTP verification from CVL on your SMS and email that looks something like this:

Investors and Traders in Stock Markets need to validate their mobile number and email by clicking on those respective links. In case, if any customer does not click on the link, CVL may verify your email address and mobile number through the delivery report as well.

However, for some customers, these communications may not get delivered. In this case, your KYC will not be validated and you shall not be able to trade or invest on Dhan or rather across any Stock Broking platform if you have the same unique record in KRA. There could be other reasons for KRA non-validation as well, such as Aadhaar validation failure.

Following this, KRA released a communiqué CVL/OPS/INTERM/GENRL/23-159 that allowed investors to self-validate their details by clicking on the URL shared. You can read the circular below:

We have already emailed eligible customers multiple times to validate their KYC details at KRA. However, there are still customers who have not validated their details; either you have missed our communication or you’ve received an error message “PAN number not registered in CVL KRA” when you tried to update your details via CVL-provided link.

Keeping these difficulties in mind, we have created this link to update your details at KRA.

Please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Login to Dhan KYC Control Centre using your existing login details

Step 2: Verify your PAN details

Step 3: Provide consent to fetch your Aadhaar details via DigiLocker

Step 4: e-Sign the KRA modification form using your Aadhaar details

Step 5: We will send your details to KRA, who may take up to two business days to validate your details.

Please note that after we verify your PAN details, we will only allow you to proceed to Digilocker step if your KYC is not validated. In case your KYC is validated, you will be informed accordingly and need not do Steps 3-5.

P.S. SMS will only be delivered if the mobile number is active and does not have DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled. If needed, clients should disable DND or ensure their mobile number is active.

We understand that staying on top of these regulations may not be easy, however, we hope we can make things seamless for you. If you have any suggestions, please drop in a note at

Thank you,
Product Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: I completed all the steps, I’m still unable to trade or invest!

A1: Please note that the official timeline given by KRA is T+2 days. After we send your details to KRA, they will need to verify the details and update your status as “validated”. Once this is done, KRA will communicate the same to Exchanges, who will then mark you “Permitted to trade”. We advise customers to wait for at least 3 business days before reaching out to us.

Q2: How do I know if I’m validated?

A2: This tool will allow you to know if you’re validated. Once you login to KYC Control Centre and verify your PAN, you may see this screen:

This signifies that your details are already validated at KRA and you should be able to trade and invest. If you are still unable to do the same, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Q3: I’m clicking on “Authenticate Aadhaar” or I’m clicking on “Update at KRA with e-Sign” but nothing is happening?

A3: Since this tool is based on web, your browser may have ad or pop-up blocker enabled, which is preventing us from opening the Digilocker step or the e-Sign step in a new window. In this case, please click on “Always allow” as shown in the screenshot below. Note that the window will not open automatically if you click on “Always allow…”, so you need to refresh the browser (Control + R on a Windows laptop or Command + R on a Macbook) and click on the button again.

Q4: I do not have a laptop or desktop. How do I proceed?

A4: For now, we have created this tool specifically browser-based. However, the URL is mobile-responsive and you should be able to complete all the steps in your mobile device. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you face any issues.


I tried this two times and got below error both the times

Hi @hemanthchandra62, as discussed with you, this is solved now!

Have a few concerns.

  1. On checking the above link, it shows KRA not validated even though KYC details for mobile and email is the same at both Dhan and CAMSKRA.
    In the steps above mentioned, it says “Step 4: e-Sign the KRA modification form using your Aadhaar details”
    But there is no modification, the details shown in KYC at Dhan and at CAMSKRA for both mobile and email is the same. In that case, isn’t it possible to trigger a request to KRA (CAMSKRA) from Dhan as there is no modifications to KRA. Expect an OTP message/email from CAMSKRA on the ID requested by Dhan.

  2. Can Dhan trigger KRA request to CAMS for phone/email without routing through Digilocker (Step #3 bove)? Would have been really great or helpful in that case without going behind fixing issue for Digilocker access.

Why I have mentioned is that there could be several accounts and persons who may not be having/using DigiLocker facility for sharing the Aadhar. For this purpose only now everybody needs to register to Digilocker? Preferable for some, not to do so since this is a personal preference for registering digilocker, Aadhar may have been verified with offline while registering with Dhan? Is it possible to allow offline (XML/M-Aadhar?) if that is absolutely necessary (only if point #1 I said above not possible). Again there are persons who have KRA done with non-Aadhar OVD and this itself.

Could you confirm if Point#2 mentioned is necessary since the only thing to be confirmed seems to be phone or/and email id (which has nothing to do with Digilocker as per SEBI orders dated above you have shown). Moreover, there is Sebi KRA circular ( SEBI/HO/MIRSD/FATF/P/CIR/2023/0144) on August 11 that has now asked all RI and KRA with non-Aadhar OVD to be also phone/email validated in 90 says starting from September 2.

Note: Earlier email OTP requests could not be verified in the first place because lots of us thought this was a SPAM message and never responded with OTP verification, now we know this is a mandatory requirement. So re-trigger KRa validation would help resolving the same is the expectation.

Your help is extremely appreciated and keep up the good work Dhan team for taking up this issue!

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Hi @Cooldude, I’d like to clarify your queries:

  1. Like we have mentioned in this post, your KRA not being validated could have multiple reasons - since the most common one is a mismatch in email or mobile address, we have displayed that evidently in the user experience. If your details are the same at both places, it is highly likely that your KRA is not validated due to improper address details, such as non-Aadhaar OVD. In this case, triggering a request to CAMS would not suffice.

  2. This is related to the point above. Since we have established that your details are the same, in order to update your address details, we would need Aadhaar OVD. We have chosen to opt for Digilocker route to do this.

We understand the apprehensive in using DigiLocker, however please be rest assured that we have created a simple flow, in which users not having DigiLocker would be redirected to a sign-up flow, where a DigiLocker account will be created during this journey itself.

Nevertheless, I will contact you tomorrow to address any other queries that you may have.

Hi Anirudha,
Thanks for the update. If its non-Aadhar OVD, should we do Aadhar OVD mandatorily? I thought that was not the case.

Regarding KRA not validated, the point is that I have received SMS (Seen in my phone) but email wasn’t seen. I never confirmed my email ID OTP as it could have gone to SPAM and within 30 days it will be automatically deleted from mail before I have confirmed. That was my concern. But sure, will discuss with you and greatly appreciate your support for this matter. Once again thanks for your excellent support!

Important: I have another one doubt too, as per Sebi guidelines for KRA re-validation based on Apr 2022,
"12. In case of KYC based on non-Aadhaar OVD, the KRA shall only store such records and the same would not be validated by KRAs unless Aadhaar number is provided by the client. "
So does this mean non-Aadhar OVD doesn’t require re-validation for now (Sep 02 deadline)?

Note: As per the latest Sebi circular on Aug 11 it seems non Aadhar OVD will also be confirmed soon for phone and email ID within 90 days starting Sep 2 within 90 days. Just a note in the same circular section 13, its says the previous april 2022 circular is “rescinded” , so old requirement is no longer valid? Just my thoughts if this could give some information. So this would mean non-Aadhar OVD would be receiving validation within 90 days from KRA I guess.

Hello, I received an email from dhan for KYC update on KRA through a link directing me to KYC Control Centre, there I have login and click on ‘Show My KYC Details’. Now here the green button is just showing dots (processing). It is not showing any further details and stuck on this page. Screen shot attached below. PS: my account is a HUF account with you. Please help how to complete the KYC process.

Hi @pratik51, since HUF accounts are processed offline, this online flow may not work for you. I’ll ask my team to get in touch with you at the earliest.

Hi @Anirudha,

I’m trying since last 1hr but unable to proceed.

Would you be able to help out here?

Tried on mobile.
Post this page no button seen to proceed

Hi @pushpa,

I’m so sorry that we would not be able to help here much - however, they are indeed intermittent in nature and should be back up any moment. Would request you to try again tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you continue to face this issue.

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Hi @pavz,

While we created the website to be mobile-responsive, the alignment may differ in each device. If you have access to a laptop or desktop, I would recommend you to attempt the process from it.

However, if you wish to use mobile, the button should appear somewhere in the bottom. Please drop in a note if you continue to face issue and I will get in touch with you personally.

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Same error! :expressionless:

I’ll send out mail to helpdesk.

Same issue here. After clicking show my KYC it’s not responding even after hours. Since the issue with your team, still not permitted to trade from Sept 1st ?

Hi @Alex20,

The issue is with KRA, which is an external agency. I would request you to get in touch with us over a video call to address this if possible.

Please note that the timelines are provided by KRA and Exchanges and if this activity is not completed, they may suspend your account for trading.


client id: 1000442153
my account id: 1208340000816743

I did my KRA update as you can see below, my request is dhan should show status somewhere or sent email to client about process got successfully registered.

because on the KYC login page it’s showing same as before, has to show status once have already performed for KYC update with dhan. to reduce the confusion here…


THats ok, did it on WEB, was super smooth flow, hardly took 3 mins

Around what time might KRA take to validate this information?

Hi @Anirudha,

Still getting the same error and didn’t get any reply from Helpdesk.

Can you please guide what will be the solution now?

Process done till Step 4 , open positions would not be squared off tomorrow right ?

Many didn’t know this , probably next time please display this message in app.