Introducing: KYC Control Centre for Dhan

Hello @Anirudha could you please let know on the positions square off thing .

Myself and friends have done the initial part ( till Step 4 ) now in validation phase

Our positions won’t be squared off right ?

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Hi @pavz, @pushpa,

We are continuously checking your KRA validation status. If your KRA is validated by tomorrow, you would be able to continue to trade and invest.

We will send another communication for everyone to let you know the status of your trading account with us.


Seems whoever initially had given non-Aadhar OVD for KRA, their validation will be given additional 90 days from today as per this news

So I guess whoever has submitted Aadhar for KYC at the start will have to validate for now, non-Aadhar submitted ones still has time. Dhan team can confirm if understanding is correct or there are some other updates.

Hi @Cooldude Honestly there is lot of unclarity about this, if there were updates we would have been little more proactive than this and ensured seamless continuity. We just get status from KRAs.

In many cases, this also affects lots of users who’s initial KYC was done on other platforms, and in their primary KRA the status still shows Unvalidated.

@pavz @t7support ,

Can this be absolute deadline where SEBI just want to Freeze Everyone’s Trading and Demat Account despite having a valid KYC since years?

Any idea on what other brokers’ say?

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Till you get clarity, would it be possible to enable the account for trading??

Hi @contactsaba If the details are fine, we will keep the accounts active for sure. If they get restricted specifically, we will have to comply with same. This isn’t just for Dhan, the respective accounts may be disabled across all platforms.


I attempted 2 times and detailes filled but digilocker failed please help to resolve my KYC Filing

K satayanarayanaraju

I am not sure. There is lot of haze right now for me.

Hi @ksn,

I’m checking why your DigiLocker is failing, allow me a few hours to get back to you.

Hi @t7support,

We have got a final list from Exchanges over the weekend (a list which specifies the UCC that is disabled from trading due to KRA non-validation).

We will be sending a fresh communication over email to this list in some time.

As always, the tool we have created at KYC Control Centre should allow you to know the status of your validation at KRA at any point in time.


Hi…My KRA KYC is already validated after following the process Dhan suggested. I have no issue. I was just responding to other user query.


Hi Pravin,

Thanks for your response. It’s been 4 days now, still no status update on Dhan KYC control centre.
My account is blocked and no hint on next steps that I have to do. Please support in enabling my account.

Hi there, its been 5 days now still my account is blocked. shows “Your KYC is now validated!” enclosed snapshot.

When my account activate? BTW no updates from KRA

Hi @contactsaba,

It seems that your KYC is still not validated, primarily because you were unable to complete the process on our KYC Control Centre. Is it possible for you to come on a video call so that we can quickly help you out?

Hi @Varshap,

We’ve been observing a few instances in which despite the KRA being validated, Exchanges are taking some time to update the same in their records.

While this is beyond our control, please note that we’re constantly following up with the Exchanges.

However, as I can see from your records, your account is active and you have been trading with us seamless over the last couple of days. Do let us know if you’re facing any specific issue.

Sure I can connect on video call now. Please share/dm the link to join the call

I did the KYC validation again today morning.
TIll afternoon I was provided with this status

And now i’m getting redirected to home page asking to verify PAN page from the start.

Even on last week I was facing the same issue. Now again in the same loop.
Please help. I’m helpless here.

Hi I Ma trying to Validate my KYC however on the instance where it takes me to Diglocker website 403 FORBIDDEN Message appears.

Looks like DigiLocker is down, please delete the image @ankijain29, this has some personal information.