Introducing: Multi-Window Charting Experience on Dhan App

Hello All,

We understand how valuable “charts” are for traders. Charts are central to price movement based analysis and technical analysis, so much so that when we ask Dhan Traders - ‘Why do you choose Web over Mobile app for trading?’, the answer is obvious and reasonable - Charting Experience on a large screen - packed with incredible features and offerings on Dhan.

The ability to have Multiple Tabs, Easy Navigation to all sections, Direct Buy-Sell actions, visibility to Market Depth and the bigger screen size makes trading on charts appealing. That said, there are many traders who use the Dhan app for their daily trading and analysis.

We want to reduce the parity of charting experience on App & Web. While we can’t control the hardware and screen size on mobile, we have made several improvements on all many fronts to upgrade the charts experience on the Dhan Mobile App to make Trading on Charts even better than before.

Multi-Window Charts on Dhan

Traders often track multiple charts at times. Sometimes two different indices, different stocks, index with its constituents or different time frame of the same chart. This is easy on the web, as you can open charts in multiple tabs of the browser.

At Dhan, now you can experience the same on Mobile App. You create upto 5 tabs with different instruments and easily switch between them.

Track and Manage all Open Positions & Orders

Positions & Orders were always there on Dhan charts. We changed a few things for a better user experience. Now, there is functionality to view all open positions and exit them on a single click with the “Exit All” button. Similarly, there is a section to view all pending orders as well.

Market Depth

Charts and depth together make a comprehensive study for all price action traders. There is an option to open Market Depth right on top charts.

Apart from these, charts on the Dhan Mobile app already have ‘Trade on Charts’ facility. Once you place an order or have an open position, it will show on charts as dotted and solid-line respectively.

These are many of the small efforts we put in to improve the Trader’s experience on Dhan. Hope this will be a valuable addition for you all. Let us know what you think about this update in the comments below!

Happy Trading,


Another great feature specially for mobile users. Kudos Dhan :zap::zap:


Chart layout is syncing for all tabs… is it expected behaviour? Can you please look into this issue

Thank you. But doesn’t this work then the chart is changed to landscape mode using the landscape button in the chart screen while watching the chart in portrait mode
Is this a bug

Hey @Bobbyn4u & @Tridib

Good to see you after a long time. Hope things have been good.

@Bobbyn4u If you have opened same chart layout in multiple tabs and made any changes on a single screen then it would be updated by default on all the tab’s post reloading. You may create another layout to save different study as per your requirement.

@Tridib At this moment, it is available on portrait mode only. We will surely check the possibility to add multi-window on landscape as well.

I requested this feature and hadn’t thought that Dhan would bring in this feature in a unique manner which would not only be much better than any other competitor out there but much more thoughtful and unique also.

Thanks team @Dhan.

Let’s now focus on app’s speed. It is way too slow as of now.

No multichart option in chartiq… like zerodha has 2 or 4 charts option.
Please add it asap.

Hi @kishan_hadiyal

Currently, the multi-chart option is only available in TradingView. If there are any updates regarding chart IQ, we will definitely notify our users.

@Divyesh I know it… but without multi chart feature trading platform is incomplete…
Its very useful and basic tool for traders…
So please add it fast.
currently im trading in zerodha coz it has chartiq multicharts…and will trade until dhan is not adding multichart.
dhan is always ahead in provide new features but why basic features is missing is questionable…
why dhan is ignoring chartiq platform.
i placed request on twitter 11-5-2023 after 45 days no updates regarding adding multichart… always getting stupid bot reply :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @kishan_hadiyal

We understood your requirement, and we will surely share the feedback with our team.