Introducing - Now Track Multibaggers in your Portfolio on Dhan!

At Dhan, we want to make sure you know a lot about your investments and holdings in your portfolio, especially if you are inclined as a long term investor to build your wealth via stocks.

We want to make sure that we are empowering you with the fundamental & financial data for you to do your research to find good companies to invest in. On Dhan, you can access details about the companies like cash flow, shareholding pattern, revenue, profit, and much more. While researching is one part of becoming a good investor - it is also important to keep a track on your investments when in your portfolio holdings.

That’s why Dhan gives you access to smart insights on your portfolio to improve the investing experience even more. Guess what? You can add one more awesome feature to that list!

Now Live: Track Multibagger Stocks in your Portfolio Holdings

To help you keep a better track of your investments and identify your best investments, we have enabled separate multibagger tracking in your Dhan stocks portfolio.

We hope this makes things easier for you to know your best performing stocks separately and track your multibaggers - where the price movement is > 25% of your average buying price.

Just a quick reminder - only on Dhan you can mark and track your long-term investments separately in your portfolio.

Do leave your feedback and let us know how we can continue to improve the investing experience further.

Happy Investing,

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Kindly add the company info also in the scrip details like its business, products, company logo etc

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