Introducing: Pledge Shares for Margin Benefit

Please clarify on below query.
if there are losses on collateral margin taken on pledged shares, and there is no cash added for filling the losses gap , we cannot unpledge even partial shares for qty and amount equal to losses.
can we request dhan team to sell off the pledged shares for amount equal to loss value in case we do not want to add more money and balance credit to trading account.

We hope this situation doesn’t arise. However, in case it does, that is exactly what we do - sell shares to the extent of debit only.

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when this is trigger to Dhan…

Is the requirement for 50% cash is applicable for intraday equity trades?
Can I use 100% collateral from pledged shares for the intraday equity trades and keep cash only to cover MTM loss?

Hi ,

Starting July 2022, requirement of 50% cash is applicable for intraday equity trades as well.


Hi @Gangavarapu,

DPC will be applicable on FNO Intraday trades as well.

We have written more about this here Important Update: On Margins, Usage of Broker Funds, and Interest Charges


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One doubt. Whether i can stock/ index future using this facility with maintain margine for long term i.e. 2/3 month period, please answer me fast. I will shift all my portfolio with you

Hi @Sgsamak, Welcome to Dhan community.

Not sure if we correctly understood your query. In case you are asking if you can trade in stocks / index futures using the margin benefit you get from pledged shares - answer to that is yes. You can as long as the margin obligations are met.

Thank you

Got it. Thanks for prompt answer.:+1:

Thanks @Poornima for the detailed explaination.
A small doubt, for Intraday FnO positions, you will be charging interest on the amount, which I cannot bring in for 50% cash requirement.
Now apart from the interest that you will charge, will there be any other additional charges/penalty/fees?

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Hi @Saurabh,

Only interest will be applicable in the case of DPC. Feel free to connect with us at 022 4890 6273 or for any queries.


I am attaching 2 different screenshots, can you please explain why different haircut % in the same scrip

Hi @HIR,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting this checked.

Hi @HIR,

It will be more helpful if you could provide us the details from where you are comparing the haircut. Kindly share the same at our team will have this checked.

I have compared Combined Margin Statement - Trade Dt Nov 25 2022 Ref No.:(5752356) with dhan app

Hi @HIR,

We would request you to drop us an email at with your details, we will have this checked.

I have more than 50℅ cash margin available but still attracting intrest. How if you provise 50℅ cash margin then you will take intrest. How can you charge now.

How can it be right you charging on evry colletral amount

I have provided 50 % as cash requirent even more than that

Hi @Anmolgupta,

Seems there is a confusion. Our team will call and clarify this to you. If you are maintaining required cash margin, DPC will not be charged.

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