Introducing: Pre-Set Order Size / Lots for Fast Order Placement on Dhan

This is fixed now. Thanks :pray:

If these features can also be added would be nice.

This was working till afternoon. Now all my order setting are gone. Now need to set again.

@PravinJ @Hardik @Naman @Dhan please look into this.

Add iceberg order on order panel also

Hi @GalaticX This feature is specifically designed for Options Trading only. For equities, the stock prices could vary from single digit to over a lac (for MRF). That won’t make it feasible for equities.

@Hardik again the preset orders have been reset. Please look into this as this happening frequently. Last two times it happened when market started after the weekend.

Hello @t7support

We are checking this, debugging the root cause for the same. Have you set your order preferences again?

No. I didn’t set it again. Please let me know once u have fixed it.

@Hardik any fix expected ?

any update ??
I think some traders wants to take trade by percentage of their capital

Hello @t7support

The team looked into the issue, however, couldn’t replicate this. I would ask you to set the Order Preferences again, and meanwhile, we will further troubleshoot this.

I will be connecting with you soon if required.

@Hardik I have set it again. I will post again if it resets again.


@Hardik @PravinJ again it is gone. I request Dhan to look into this. Also I notice that my profile photo is gone. So am assuming that something got reset at Dhan end.

Hello @t7support

Thank you for highlighting this, will check the logs here and update.

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