Introducing: Real-Time News

Hi All,

Markets today are more connected than ever - and Global News, Macro Views, and Regulatory Outlooks do have effects on market movements and sentiments.

While markets are volatile these days, the importance of Global & Indian financial news cannot be underestimated. What happens in the US or even in the recent case of the Russia-Ukraine war has the potential to affect Indian Markets. It’s important to stay updated if you have a view, position, or interest in Stock Markets.

We introduced Live Market News on Dhan (app and web) recently, and now we are adding Alerts to that feature - you will get push notifications on the Dhan app for breaking news - Global & Indian as they happen.

Why this is important - Traders have the opportunity to trade and make money when markets are volatile. The volatility that’s small or otherwise has the potential to impact gains and the sentiment of investors.

Real-Time News Alerts is now available on the latest version of the Dhan App (download from Play Store or iOS Store), and you will find the same under the Watchlist section of the app.

Does it mean you will get alerts for all events? No - it’s only big news alerts that you need to know off. And of course, we keep users first - which is why you have a toggle option to turn off News Alerts.

We hope you enjoy this feature and it will help you to stay updated with the latest news as they happen.

Happy Investing & Trading!

-Product @ Dhan


Thanks for bringing this feature. Currently not able to see this in updated dhan app. Is it not available for all as of now?

Hi @anilmm2005

It’s updated for all, request you to check if the app version you are on is the latest one.

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Great feature team.
Keep it up.

Thanks @PravinJ .It’s showing now

I don’t see an option to set notification on and off in app… all I see is list of news and no toggle to turn on notification as shown in screenshot above. This is on Android

Hi @erankitjain

Seems you are on the updated version of Dhan app. In that version, the notification setting for news is now moved to Profile (tap on your profile image), in side menu tap your name, over there you will see this under Trader’s Controls.

yup, got it… thanks!!

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Hi, where to see latest news on Dhan web?

Hi, @Swadesh here you can check the “Latest News” on the Markets section.

Read more about this:- Introducing: Live News on Dhan