Introducing: Seconds Timeframe on Charts by Dhan

Dear Traders,

At Dhan, we understand the importance of charts for Traders and we made it one of our primary areas to focus on from our early days with a clear thought process to offer you a world-class charting experience.

We integrated two of the leading charting libraries - TradingView and ChartIQ, and ofcourse as you would know we continue to work very closely with TradingView to bring lots of innovation, features and capabilities to our user. We continue to offer the latest libraries of TradingView across all our platforms including the dedicated Trade from Charts experience on We also introduced India specific time-frames like 25 min, 75 min & 125 mins; ensured seamless synchronisation of drawings, indicators, templates, and layouts across all our platforms for consistent experience. Furthermore, we have diligently developed user-requested technical indicators and remain committed to ongoing enhancements to deliver the best possible charting experience for your trading needs.

Also as most of our Traders on Dhan already are aware - Dhan was the first Indian Stock Trading platform to integrate directly on via Trade Panel; and recently we also announced our new order type - Webhooks, where traders can now trade in Options (and all segments) directly on

Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to your charting experience on Dhan’s TradingView library – the introduction of the “Seconds Timeframe” in Dhan Charts!

Your feedback and suggestions have been the driving force behind this development, we’re delighted to roll out three new seconds-based timeframes: 5 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds. With this, you’ll now have unparalleled access to real-time market data that is better than before. Additionally, with this Dhan continues to introduce yet another industry first feature for Traders in India.

These new timeframes will empower you to make quicker, more informed decisions and take advantage of even the smallest of trading opportunities, specially for scalpers who would like to keep a track of early breakouts. It will be easy to uncover hidden patterns with a level of granularity that was previously unavailable.

You will find the new timeframes listed alongside the existing ones.To access these timeframes, simply click on the time frame drop down in the top menu of charts. Under the subsection “Seconds” select the desired timeframe and you are good to go.

Between 9:15 am and 3:30 pm, a total of 22,500 seconds are available for trading. For every instrument, we will be plotting 4,500 candles (calculated as 22,500/5). Each candle comprises 5-6 data points, including Open, High, Low, Close, Volume (Vol), and Open Interest (OI). Therefore, this amounts to a substantial 27,000 data points for a single instrument in a day, making it an unusually heavy data load. To ensure smooth and improved chart performance, we have decided to limit the seconds charts to cover a duration of two days. This optimization will help maintain the quality of the charts while still providing valuable insights for your trading needs.

As you explore the new timeframes, we encourage you to provide us with your valuable feedback. Our team is committed to continuously refining and improving the feature based on your suggestions.

For now, the seconds charts are available on Dhan’s TradingView console on, and will soon be extended to our other platforms - Dhan (Web and App) and also Options Trader (Web and App).

Thank you for trusting us & being a part of the Dhan community, and we look forward to seeing you thrive with our latest update.

Happy Trading!


thank you for this new feature… 1st in market


ankho mai aasu aa gaye guys :sob: :sob: :heart: itni khushi @Naman @Dhan

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