Introducing: SME IPOs on Dhan

Hello Investors,

At Dhan, we continue to build features and product offerings for Investors with a long-term perspective. We know many of Investors on Dhan like the simplicity of IPO experience that Dhan provides, previous IPO season (2021-22) when the companies going for IPO were at its peak - we received kudos from our users from the IPO investing experience.

While we allowed IPOs bids for investors on companies going public on mainboard exchanges - NSE & BSE, there was a miss - we didn’t have facility for investors to bid for IPOs on SME segments for both the exchanges.

Today, we are excited to inform you that Dhan now has enabled IPOs for the SME segment for both the exchanges - BSE & NSE. This facility is now available on Dhan Web and Mobile platforms, and we have maintained the same consistent experience for our users for SME IPOs as well.

Companies choosing to go IPOs on the SME segment are, as it means, small scale companies that are Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Unlike large companies, the criteria for SME IPOs is different, briefly it is as below:

  1. The company must have a paid-up capital of INR 3 Crore, same for the net worth and tangible assets as well.
  2. Companies should be profitable for at least two of the past three financial years excluding the extraordinary income.
  3. The minimum trading lot for SME IPOs ranges from 100 to 10,000.

With SME IPOs, investors on Dhan now discover and invest in promising companies at an early stage. Once the SMEs have spent the necessary time on the SME segment as determined by the exchange, they are then shifted to the Mainboard.

To access the list of BSE SME companies that have transitioned to the Mainboard segment, please visit this link: (Companies Migrated to Main Board).

We hope, as an investor on Dhan - you will enjoy the seamless experience of Investing in IPOs, now extended to BSE & NSE SMEs also. Keep investing for the long-term!

Best Regards,