Introducing: Statements API on DhanHQ Trading APIs

Hello Traders,

We are adding to the DhanHQ API stack every day, envisioning to provide an incredible API trading experience to our users. We want to build a stack on top of which any platform or trader can access all of Dhan services through APIs alone, and provide an experience on par with any of the Dhan Trading Platforms.

For systematic traders, all broker services should run directly on their terminal. And in this direction, we are introducing a new range of APIs on DhanHQ - Statement APIs.

Under Statement APIs, we are introducing two Report APIs, which are most required by any trader:

1. Ledger Report API

You can retrieve your Trading Account Ledger Report with all Credit and Debit transaction details for any particular time interval. With this API, you can get running balance details of your account, which will help you analyse and take trades as per your capital available.

On Dhan, this is your Ledger Statement accessible from the β€˜Money’ section in

2. Trade History API

With this, you can retrieve your detailed trade history for all orders in any time frame. As part of the trade information, you get trade execution details along with brokerage and other charges. For traders, this information is useful to analyse all their trades and even calculate their total charges incurred to calculate adjusted returns.

As we build DhanHQ APIs based on your feedback, we plan on adding more moving forward. Let us know which statements you would want on APIs next.

Happy Trading!

– Hardik


Hi @Hardik

How to get access to this api ?

Its still shown as this.

Hello @t7support

We have currently released 2 statement APIs, which are highlighted in the post above. We will be adding other such APIs soon.

Ya ok. But how to access these apis ?

You can head over to API documentation (here) and look into different Statement APIs available.

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Thanks @Hardik. Got it.