Introducing: Trader Controls now LIVE on Web

By now most of you are aware that we introduced Trader Controls on our Dhan app to ensure our users trade better & with discipline. Needless to say, they have been a hit among our users. Just to highlight them again, we introduced:

  1. Trade Buddy-Keep Close Ones Informed
  2. Trade SOS- Alert for Over-Trading
  3. Trade SOS-Alert on Heavy Losses
  4. Kill Switch for Over-Trading

We have written a detailed note on each of them here if you would like to go through.

Considering their popularity & usage, we did not want our web users to miss out. Moreover, on receiving some feedback around it, we agreed that it was the only way to complete the experience & decided to extend Trader Controls to our web platform as well.

With Trader Controls now LIVE on web, you can set alerts for overtrading, heavy losses & activate Kill Switch. However, in case you would like to set a Trade Buddy, you will need to access that from your phone since it involves sending OTPs to your contacts.

To access: Go to Money > Trader Controls (on the top left below Personal Statistics)

We hope that all our users can now seamlessly access any Trader Controls that they wish to irrespective of their preferred mode of trading. Always happy to receive feedback on how we can make Dhan better for you.

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