Introducing Trader’s Anthem: Hum Traders Kehlate Hai…

Dear Traders,

We bring to you today Trader’s Anthem: Hum Traders Kehlate Hai… this is expressing our sincere gratitude and appreciation towards Traders & the Trader Community in India, from all of us at Dhan :slight_smile:

From the day we launched Dhan, we have constantly tried to ensure that we build and bring the best trading experience for Traders in India. We have met thousands of traders (over 5000+) personally in this journey and continue to do so. It has helped us immensely and with the feedback & suggestions that we received from these interactions - Dhan continues to get better.

Wait - these interactions are not just about Dhan, they have been largely about the Trader community in India. Through our conversations, we began to understand a trader’s life and how they see the world, and also reflect on how the world sees them.

We have realised that a lot of people don’t understand traders, their life, their passion towards trading & markets. Only traders can relate with fellow traders and the trading community, their love for markets and their anticipation of markets, stocks, trading, and in general life from the perspective of Traders.

Our final realisation in our journey of these conversations is - Traders are madefortrade.

On that note, we have humbly tried our best to bring all of this together in this Trader’s Anthem and capture a Trader’s life, their passion, their perspective towards their life and markets which at many times is difficult to differentiate. The words, the visuals, the captures, everything in this Trader’s Anthem is our gratitude towards the believers, the risk-takers, the optimists, the doers - the Traders who are Made for Trade!

Presenting here: Trader’s Anthem: ‘Hum Traders Kehlate Hai’

Our Gratitude & Sincere Thanks to all Trades in India :pray: :india:

on behalf of team at Dhan


This film is our token of appreciation for traders like you, the ones jinke liye Zindagi markets hai, aur markets se Zindagi banate hai.

Hope you like it.

Looking forward to hear from all the community members! :smiley:


Nice one… Please keep building great things for us traders.

Loved it ,great feel

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande
अर्रे आपल्या स्थानिक मराठीत बनवा राव… तुमचं कोणतंच प्रमोशन मराठीत नाहीये.
फायर्सवाले तर त्यांचे वेबिनारसुद्धा हक्काने तमिळ आणि तेलगुत घेतात, तुम्ही निदान जाहिरात तरी मराठीत करा.
आमच्या सारख्या मराठी भाषा प्रेमी ट्रेडर लोकांना गृहीत धरू नका.
मराठीत / मराठीसाठी काही मदत लागली तर मी करतो…

Yeah, good film. :100: :clap: :ok_hand:

Thank you @InfinityEternity, Welcome to Dhan community.