Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

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Trailing Stop loss can be added into an exisiting positions only. Request you to take a position ( Buy or Sell ) as per your preference → then add the trailing stop loss from the positions tab.

You can watch this videos for better reference: What is Trailing Stop Loss? How to add Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan Web Explained in Hindi | Dhan - YouTube

Hello @RahulDeshpande

I understand I could see trailing SL will work from the Positions tab(usually for Intraday). However, I have a few stocks in my Portfolio tab. For those stocks which are in my Portfolio tab, I want a trailing SL once I approve the CSDL authorization.

Hi, One quick question. Cant I place target order and stop loss order simultaneously ?

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Yes, you can place target order an stop loss order simultaneously via our feature: Bracket Orders.

Refer here:

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But I want to place sell for different quantity and stop loss for remaining quantity.

Hi @Prashant_Shukla,

You can either place a stop loss or target for your open normal position. Further, you can place a Forever OCO for options. Here, you can place a Target and/or Stop Loss for an open position in Normal product type till the expiry. Read more on the below post.

The example is not very clear

  1. You mentioned that Tatapower was bot at 410 and you putted the stopeloss trigger at 410. you did not mention at what price you had entered this stop loss order. Was the stoploss order was created when the STP was at 420?
  2. Your example explained about Buy Position only. The example did not mention how it will work when the existing position is a sell order.

Hi @samad,

We have explained with an example of existing sell order here :

In option trading is the limit also jump with the tralling jump?

Yes @Shadow, in Trailing Stop Loss Limit order the limit price will also move & it will maintain the initial distance between trigger and limit price kept initially.

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yes i like to know this too. We can manually change our SL in instantly which is cool AF. But it would be nice if we can do automatic Trailing Sl when we are not watching our screen.

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One more question,
If we set this up in app or web, can we view our sl or and sl change in over chart if price moves in our favour.

@7997190207 @SunnytHeTrader,

TSLO feature is currently not available on charts. Thanks for your feedback.

Is Trailing Stop Loss only available for intraday?

I think it is equally important for delivery orders as well.

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We have addressed similar query here -

Thank you Poornima. I understand that for long term equity purchase, Trailing Stop loss may not be important.

However for swing traders, targeting 10-30% in a few days, TSL especially in an OCO order can help greatly.

Hi @DMDave This is on our list of things to do. We have this feedback from many users and we have added to our roadmap. It will not be Trailing Stop loss, but ability to add Forever Orders on Order Entry Page for Delivery… specially for Swing Traders.

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Is there a feature in road map to specify TSL triggers and jumps as a percentage instead of absolute values?

Can someone help me explain how to use TSL for delivery holdings? Is it possible?

Say I have a share with CMP 100 rupees in my holdings. I bought it at 90 four months ago. Now I want to sell it as I’m in profit but want to get higher profit with the help of TSL.

Is there a plan for TSL to be visible on Tradingview charts in real time? At present, it does not appear on the charts and seems like it doesn’t work well for MCX options.

Visibility on TV charts will improve user experience and assure users that it is tracking well.

Also, it will allow users to cancel TSL quickly as orders sometimes cannot be squared off when TSL is in place. Right now you have to go to the orders tab in the app and cancel TSL Manually.
Occasionally if the position is squared off on TV, TSL still persists on the Order page which may trigger freak trades.