Introducing - Upsurge from Raise 🚀

Finance makes people uncomfortable! That’s why we have Upsurge :rocket:

Introducing a learning platform to make learning finance, markets, investing, and everything about money - simple & fun, through engaging micro-courses, interactive live sessions, bite-sized content, a community of finance enthusiasts, and more.

Talking about finance is either dreaded or discouraged. Our education system doesn’t teach us much about money and our families typically avoid talking about finances. Moreover, the financial “pundits” make it complex for the sake of simplifying it. So when we enter the real world, finance evolves into a boring or scary topic of discussion. But if we really think of it, the formula is simple: Money + Maths = Finance. And Upsurge aims to make finance a dinner-table conversation.

With a startling 1.5 crores of new individual investors entering the stock market, COVID did increase financial inclusion. However, many of them are experiencing a bear market for the first time. For novice investors, this may be a scary period. Thus, the solution lies in financial education.

We believe that the available options for financial literacy are tedious and difficult to understand; a simple and widely applicable financial learning solution is still an unmet demand. That is precisely what Upsurge is building with its club. We are a place for finance enthusiasts to learn, engage and contribute to building a community & social approach towards finance, money, and markets.

We’re on course to make history with Upsurge by changing how financial literacy is viewed in India.

Come be a part of this revolutionary club. Don’t miss out on the early membership offers. Also, we are throwing an online launch party with Gaurav Kapoor & Sarthak Ahuja today at 7pm.

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