IPO status issue

Hello Team,

Again raising an issue regarding IPO.

I applied for IPO for VPRPL on 25th Aug and also done the payment on same day.

Can you check and confirm why it’s still showing applied for IPO and not payment done like aeroflex.

Try to follow up this with customer care but as usual no response.
Posting here in a hope to get response.



Hi @Pjhcst In case of IPO, the payment is not made to Dhan. It is made to the exchange for blocking funds. Until the update of payment status is received from exchange, as a platform we will not know that.

Wait, while this gets updated post a confirmation is received from the exchange.

Hello Team,

The allotment was done yesterday but still the status remains the same.

Its very disappointing that dhan is never able to resolve my any of the queries apart from this also in past.

Now I don’t know shares has been allotted to me or not as the status is same and my money is still being blocked.

Kindly check this on priority and if the allotment is not being done kindly release my stuck money.

Hi @Pjhcst The blocking and unblocking mechanism happens via the exchange / NPCI and the bank post allotment instructions are passed on by the RTA. This isnt anything specific to Dhan, its an completely automated process.