Is dhan a good platform for option scalpers?

Hi , I’m new to dhan app.

I’m an option scalper and I would like to know if this is a good platform for scalping.

Recently I’ve read so many negative reviews regarding order execution on time because of platform glitches.

Kindly share your experience. Thank you

Hi @Utkarsh, Welcome to Dhan community.

Dhan is actively used by lot of scalpers. Our order execution capabilities have improved significantly with newer technology and infrastructure that we have recently deployed.

Any issue that is open, is resolved by our teams. About negative reviews, we understand that there are few because we rarely remove any negative comments or posts from our community or forum, and its run super transparently.

Hope this helps. If any assistance, our teams are available on


Hi @Utkarsh - Yes, I agree with what @PravinJ shared here. Dhan has super-fast execution. Very good for scalpers. Previously, I executed 18000 nifty quantity and all my orders got filled immediately (in less than 2-3 sec). I know some people who place order in lakhs of quantities on Dhan. I can confidently vote on Dhan for execution part.

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Hi @pratik01, while on this topic, just to share - the single largest active position held on Dhan for expiry day trading is 65,000+ lots of NIFTY. Large orders on Dhan is now fairly common, last we checked ~8% of all our trades are Iceberg, ie. over freeze limits.


@PravinJ WoW 65000 lots mean 32+ lakh quantity. Thats amazing!

One of my friend has an average size of around 5 lakh quantity.

Thank you for the response :+1:t2:

yes, 65K lots is not an issue just there are issues with 200-300 quantities only. It will hang for such small quantities

Amol , thanks for sharing feedback. So according to you which other platform execution time is better and lag free ?

Loss ho jayega 1 din jitna poore mahine m profit kiya hoga… aisa glitch aate hai ki dimag hil jaata hai…

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Hi @PravinJ, @RahulDeshpande

Yes, I am agree that dhan platform is very good, but if you guys can give little bit push and manage to fix following mentioned issue…, wold be great…

User Traffic: As a scalper or intraday trader, for me ‘In an out’ (Placing and Canceling the order) should happen quickly, at top most priority. I personally experienced this : whenever volatility is going up, order placing is getting hang, it might get placed at exchange but for me as a user is at front-end still showing hang or unable to exit, the trigger point is here and that’s where most of the trader get panic during this kind scenario…

So how you guys gonna handle the User Traffic is most important thing here…


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@PravinJ True that.

Resolution of issues are generally fast at Dhan.

For scalpers, the number of trades would be at high end, And, do you have any plans to introduce brokerage plans for such cases?

@Mthrpnkj24 , @sachin8516

So do you have these issue on every platform or just on dhan.

Right now I’m on angel one haven’t had any issues but features here are limited. No trades on chart.

Thinking on shifting here due to features of dhan, but now I’m confused it’s like new problem is coming everyday here mainly in execution time .

And in scalping or any other form of trading if you can’t exit on time it can result in major loss.

Only one request to owners of dhan kindly increase your server or whatever is causing lags, because fast execution is what any trader needs most . Features are just added benifit.

Thank you

Yes brother, Dhan broking is not working on their system maintenance, they was down for almost 80 min for two days in last 3 days, when i started trading with dhan, I was seeing huge potential in them ,But they are not understanding that A trader always want a good broker system, People say work with top ranking broker , But there would be a chance of monopoly , But Now I am thinking people is right , I think dhan is currently focusing on profit making only they are not using money to upgrade their systems . If this happen this often no body will stay here and these guys will have to face huge downside . They are not thinking about this ,They first need to upgrade… I have seen many brokers go on maintanence but they are doing anything…