Is there a way to test our bot before going live with actual markets?

For last 4 months I have been working on automating the option strategies and creating bots for myself and the effort and experience has been very rewarding so far.
However, I have burnt my hands many times in the process while testing my bots in live market and identifying bugs. It’s a pain and gives lot of stress :frowning:

one day one of my sell order went in infinite loop, I got scared to death

Is there a way from dhan that we could test these bots before going live with market.
For example run them on mock trading day and test it out.

Currently its not possible as I had tried on one of the mock trading days.

And also, can anyone help me what are the schedules for mock trading sessions?

@PravinJ @Naman @Hardik

Sir any thoughts on this?

Hi @sugam192

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can test your strategies on Mock Trading Day. Mock trading sessions are usually held on the first and fourth Saturdays of every month, but the dates may vary depending on exchange schedules and Dhan’s bandwidth to participate.All Dhan users are notified of mock trading sessions via a sticky notification on the Dhan app.

Not sure why you were not able to test your strategy on a mock trading day. Help us understand more, please share the details on

@Naman When is the next mock trading session for Dhan can’t find the dates anywhere.
Could you please help.

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