Is there strike selection feature available for option in webhooks to trade from TradingView Spot Chart

Webhook feature with basket orders is great but for intraday option traders its useless as there no feature available to select dynamic ATM/OTM/ITM strike. As option price move rapidly and its very hard to update baskets each time.

Let me know if there is any way to create baskets with auto updated strikes.

If you can come up with a solution to trade options from spot chart that would be a new bench mark in Dhan features.

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Hello @kirpal

Welcome to Dhan Community!

Yes, we are almost ready with a feature enhancement which will allow order placement via Webhooks with direct ability to place orders in Options or any other instrument. We will announce this on community as soon as it is available, so keep a check for that!


Thanks for the quick update @Hardik

You guys are really awesome. Option trading webhook feature is really great but as a option scalper i have to frequently change my strikes. Is there any option to fetch ATM STRIKE so that i can focus more on trading instead of strike selection hassle.

As i use Nifty/Banknifty spot charts to scalp options, ATM Strike selection through webhook would be a great feature in this use case.

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Hello @kirpal

Thanks for your note and hope to see you use webhooks on your systematic trading setup.

Coming to dynamic strike selection, you can handle that in the pine script. In the JSON, there is a parameter for "strike_price". The value for this can be kept dynamic by defining it as a variable and taking price of underlying to find the current strike price, all of this in TradingView Pinescript itself.