Is Toyota copying Maruti Suzuki?

You might have observed on the roads, highways - Maruti’s Baleno and Toyota’s Glanza are eerily similar in designs.

There are other car variants as well that closely resembles each other, being a car enthusiast’s we wanted to know more on the association between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota.

We bring to you how Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have collaborated in a one of kind partnership :zap:

What’s your thoughts on this one of a kind partnership ?


Working together helps than working against each other.

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Good view point to have. In the shorter term its going to help Maruti Suzuki, but a lot of experts do believe that in the longer term, maruti might actually lose out of major market share.

What’s your view?

Maruti is pretty late in to the EV space. So Maruti is in for technology. Indian customers have a great connect with Maruti. Maruti has more dealers and service centers across the country. Once they roll out products in to this space they are going to bank on those ground level centers and personnel to capture a significant pie of the EV / Hybrid market. Therefore I don’t see Maruti loosing out. Its for other players to catch up with Maruti in the PV segment.

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