[Issue] Same equity symbol for multiple instrument

I am using api-scrip-master from dhan to refresh my symbol id list everyday, however, recently I got an issue wherein my system was trying to punch in an order for NSE:IRFC-EQ, however the order was rejected because of price.

When i went deeper, the issue was that the security id number was 603 which pertains to some bond.

When I checked the scrip master, I saw that there are multiple ids for same scrip name. In such a case, how do we identify the equity one instead of bond?

This is breaking my system - please help. @Hardik

PS: Data is being downloaded from this link everyday at 8:30 AM IST


Hello @sv28

Yes, thanks for highlighting. This can be issue when searching for Securiy ID. We have discussed with the team and are evaluating adding an additional column so that you can differentiate between different instrument types.

@Hardik I found an alternative. If I download the file from https://images.dhan.co/api-data – the file is different but the filters are giving the expected result.

I ran this in my sandbox environment and it worked fine. Please let me know if this is the right way to mitigate the problem. If yes, then I’ll move this to production.

Hello @sv28

This is an alternate file and the path might change here. Also, won’t recommend using this as this has lot of unnecessary fields and it is not cleaned up which the api-scrip-master is. I will keep you informed as and when we introduce this new column on the Security Master file.

In the intermin, is there any other way to use the data? I don’t want to punch in wrong order just because security id was incorrect.

Also, what is the ETA for the update? This issue can have serious repercussions so I urge you to please prioritise it.



Yes, we are on it. We will deploy the fix by next week end. For now, you may use the api-data endpoint as well.

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Got it. Thank you for the prompt reply