Joined DHAN for OPTIONS Trading

Yesterday I joined DHAN. Yesterday I have seen many people complain about DHAN app on Twitter. It’s this app suitable for Options Trading or not?

Please give your opinions.

this app is good than other brokers you can trust on dhan

But there are many bugs …

hi @VINNIVINODH, let us know if you come across anything specific. Dhan continues to scale and grow, and we continue to ensure we are seamless in every aspect.


Welcome to Dhan!

Sharing some links for you to trade options like a pro on our platforms:

Options Trader with custom strategy builder -…

Trade Options on TradingView charts -


I would say it’s the other way round. Straddle chain , option anayser, lots of option dedicated info available straight in the app. :ok_hand::+1:

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