Keyboard shortcuts

I use a windows surface pro laptop and chrome. Keyboards shortcut are not working. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Hi @amk20000 ,

Please do connect with your details at, we will assist you accordingly.

I Also use Win11, destop and vivaldi and microsoft edge browser for trading but dhan web shortcuts not working for chart open and Chart Full Screen command Ctr+c and Alt+C is not working other Clt+M and other is working.
is there any way to work, i already umblock popup setting for dhan and for all other site but chart short cut is not working.
Help Me if u have any sujjection.

Hi @amitjaisar,

Please select on any of the scrip from watchlist and try shortcut keys like up/down arrow to navigate and Alt+C to open full screen chart.

Dhan - Orders - Google Chrome 2024-01-19 09-16-16