Kill Switch is same as Zerodha

I tried to activate kill switch but it is asking me to exit my open position.It is same like zerodha.
The sole reason I switched to dhan is because I thought you have a new kill switch.

Welcome to Dhan community @Tiktrades. Dhan has lots of trader controls, more on that here:

Let us know what specifically you were looking for.

yes sir you are absolutely right on this trading is not about taking 1 trade or 2.
What I want is that when I activate the kill switch my open position also gets squared off automatically.
I am guilty of overtrading and accepting my loss ,I have lost a lot of money in the past 3 years.
I have switched brokers in the past and now I am here with the hope that at least you are listening on this.
Please provide me that feature.

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hey @Tiktrades, I suggest you add alert for losses + overtrading alert on dhan. We are surprised to see how many traders use this feature, it makes a lot of difference.

Auto-kill switch we can’t enable - is difficult choice for brokers to make which trades to execute and when. Also markets fluctuate all the time, and it can work both the ways - in the time that you decide to kill switch automatically - markets can go up or down, and so will your losses or profits.

As broker, we can’t decide these things for you, but as I said - try using the alerts for loss & overtrades. Will be helpful, and if possible also set a Trade Buddy.

I Have used the alert feature sir with other broker .I have also used the kill switch feature with other broker but it doesn’t help.
when I saw your kill switch interface where it is mentioned that “Note: open position will get squared off.” this triggered me to open an account with Dhan. But after using it I came to know it is no different.
Its my humble request to you to give me the desired kill switch I want please.
I have lost a lot of money in the past 3 years already .