Latest update about NSE IFSC and some bugs

I guess we are more excited then Dhan itself, to get NSE IFSC. So I just wanted to know what’s the progress?

Secondly, I want to report few bugs on the app.

  1. Blank screen in the place of market guess game, on homescreen.
  2. Delays in current market movement, almost everywhere.
  3. Bugs in graph is already hilighted.
  4. The heptic feedback button, watchlist progress button etc. sometime they automatically turn on or off vice versa.

As these all appears randomly so its not possible to take screenshot or video.

Kindly look over these issues.

Thanks for the note @abhinayism

We keep posting on upcoming features on Dhan, when we start integrating on US Stocks - we will definitely keep all users posted.

On the bugs mentioned by you

  1. Let know when this happens. I personally play Guess Game everyday, haven’t encountered this. Or let know our team the device you are using, will be helpful. We are on
  2. If your KYC is not complete - market feeds are delayed. If its not the case, let us know how team - we usually get on call with users and understand. Most of the time it is ISP or office network issue, we are working on few things on ourside as well to monitor. If this is specific to desktop - let our team at know and our team can go through this.
  3. Let know which graphs are you referring to, will need specific bug to isolate and understand.
  4. Will have this checked. Did this happen after recent app update?

One of the bugs, my connection was good lemme mention that. @PravinJ

Working on my mobile… will still have this checked.

Yeh I understood. I am saying it randomly happens.

Sure, will have this checked anyway.

Hi @abhinayism, Wanted to come back on this and check if you are encountering any of these. We posted some updates from our end in August to ensure #1 and #4 do not happen even in some exception cases. Rest all we continue to monitor at all times.

Working well as of now.