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If you’re trading in the Indian markets, you might have heard of the famous “9:20 Straddles Strategy” used by many option traders.

Well, what is special about this strategy?
9:20 Intraday Straddlers Strategy is one of the most popular strategies and has a 68.88% winning rate when applied with the right set of systems.

A common myth among beginners is that anything so simple wouldn’t work. But in the real world, simple things always outperform complex ones.

This strategy is one of those simple things with simple parameters; hence, traders can easily follow it and be disciplined.

We’ve decided to cover this interesting yet most popular trading strategy with one of the most renowned traders in the country, Mr. Vishal Mehta, CMT (Founder, Market Scanner), for free!

Topic: 9:20 Intraday Straddles Strategy

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