Let trades tab be available to access, regardless of whether the script is in holding or not

Journaling past trades through the Trades tab is a good feature to have when you decide to do so.

Would it be possible to make it available to users at all times? If it is not too much of a hassle, please make the necessary changes.


Request some attention over here please!

Hi @Vishk519 Past Trades are always available on Dhan. Not sure if we understood your request correctly.

They are?
I’m not talking about trader’s diary, but this trades tab here.
This is no longer accessible once the holding shares are sold.
If there is another way to access this, I’m unaware of the same.
Maybe you could help me out with it.

got this @Vishk519, unfortunately not this moment. Once holdings get sold, transaction history under that is missing, however you can download trade history anytime from statements.