Limit order bug

Limit order error

I had buy position of crudeoilmini at 6509, I had placed limit order for 6484, but order executed at market order. This was not the first time it happened. Kindly rectify this bug.

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It happened to me as well. I placed Limit order of Aegis Logistics at 375 and it got executed at 371.70 (Market order) Order ID: 1123030624381. Though the order type is showing as limit order.

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Hi @Krc81 - this isn’t a bug. You received additional profit of 28 INR.

Note that you have put a sell order, as limit of 6484. When the order went to exchange, it was trading above that price - and hence instead of selling from 6484, it sold higher at 6512. You got additional benefit of 6512-6484 = 28 INR. Its additional benefit of 28 INR for you.

This is how exchanges work, if you wanted to put a limit order - in that case you should but above LTP on sell side. If you want your order to be placed exactly at 6484 - you need to put a stop loss order, or do a sell trigger at market at 6484.

Hope this clarifies


Hi @nx.vijay - please review your order details, it may be same case as of Krc81.