Liquid bees pledge

if I pledge 300 liquid bees so I will get approx a 2.5lac margin limit to trade in mcx. now if I buy 1 lot of copper of which today’s margin required will be around 1.6lac.
so now my question is that do I required to put 80k cash in my account or I can open a position in copper with this
pledge margin only?


Liquid Bees is considered as Cash Equivalent, so you can have an open position with this pledge margin only.

Jay K.

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can you please address all costs for pledging these 300 liquid bees and are there any interest charges for intraday trades on this pledge margin?

and what about the gold bees pledge?

Hi @HIR,

Goldbees is not considered cash component. Click here to see the complete list of scrips & its pledge collateral tag.

Jay K.

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so if pledge 2lac worth of gold bees I will get an @80% margin
1.60lac as margin and if I pledge 1 lac of liquid bees I will get a 90k margin benefit.
can I open a position in mcx of 1.6lac with all this pledge margin or I will have to put cash also.?

Not required. You may read about margin pledge here:

Introducing: Pledge Shares for Margin Benefit
Margin Limits Enhanced for ETFs that are Pledged on Dhan

Request you to reach out to for any further queries.

Jay K.

thanks for all your info support.

Hello Jay, Can you please tell me how much cash we get from pleged of LiquedBees.
I Contect Dhan Customer service but they told it 50% haircut in LiquedBees, Where in other broker I get 90% as cash and only 10% is haircut.
Can you Please let me confirm about this.

Hi @Devinbhai,

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We do have upto 92% pledge margin against Liquidbees. You can find the most updated details [here].

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