Live: Add Options directly to Baskets from the Option Chain

Hi All,

We recently made significant product improvements to the Options Trading experience for Super Trades on both our apps - Dhan & Options Trader. Our improvements include updating the Baskets Experience, Margin Benefits on Basket and of course the improved Options Chain experience on the Dhan app which we didn’t announce but have let our users experience it themselves.

Is that all? No - we continuously work to bring the best Options Trading experience for our users on Dhan. And this has been from Day 1 - Dhan offers deep OTM / ITM options to trade, allowing real-time trading for Options directly on TradingView Charts (, and now are also building our full fledged Options Trading app - Options Trader by Dhan that we recently made live for all.

We know that Option Chain is one of the important tools for Options Traders to analyse and choose the right ITM/OTM contract for the strategy. To trade options strategy and get the view of proper hedge benefit, traders use basket orders on Dhan.

We admit, we have received so many requests for this feature that we had to prioritise this - connecting two of the most popular features on Dhan for Option Traders, which is Option Chain & Baskets.

Yes, now you can Add Options Scrips directly from the Options Chain

Open the Option Chain of desired underlying and select the expiry from horizontal scroll on top. With strike price in between to separate Puts & Calls on right & left side respectively, tap on the scrip to trade.

You will get a preview-view of respective Put or Call with details of that options contract like LTP, OHLC, market depth, actions to buy-sell, charts, alerts and adding to watchlist & basket.

Tap on the Basket, another dialog box will pop-up with names of already created baskets and an option to create a new one. Select the basket of your choice and you are good to go.

This was built so that Supertraders like you don’t lose on opportunity while analysing, creating or adjusting the strategy. Markets are dynamic and fast, so should be your trading setup.



Can You Please add this feautre to platform also, it would be very helpful if you provide this Add Options directly to Baskets from the Option Chain in Dhan Web Platform &

We can easily add options from option chain and Execute well and it saves a lot of Time

PS: :- While using Option awe are able to BUY, SELL, Tradingview, Charts, See Market Depth, Add to Watchlist

Please add " Add to Basket Feature from Option Chain " for us

Thanks in Advance :pray:Please Consider this feedback.


Hi @TheRadhaKrishna

Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, this will be up on web soon and at all the right places that you mentioned.

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@PravinJ Thank You :slight_smile: Have a great day :bouquet:

Requesting please add Total at below of Option Chain,
Total of Call OI and Total of PUT OI.

With different colours as per the value changes
so easily understand which one is higher.

PCR data of the market with the Option chain.

It will be helpful

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Hi @Sreerajpv

Total of Call & Put OI is available in Options Trader app from Dhan - Options Traders - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

You will find this in Ideas > Analyse > Open Interest tab.

If the Total of PUT & CALL OI available in option Chain its easy to check

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@Naman भाऊ हे फिचर दिल्यामुळे ट्रेडर लोकांचा भरपूर वेळ वाचणार आहे पण, हे add to basket फिचर धनच्या वेबसाईटवर किंवा चार्टवर दिलं असतं तर अजूनच सोयीस्कर झालं असतं!
डायरेक्ट add to basket द्या.

ashi sutsutit option chain aani setting pahije.

@nnJhavarePatil Noted this, we will be updating our Option Chain soon.

In addition, also including option to add to Basket as well, this was introduced on mobile (Live: Add Options directly to Baskets from the Option Chain) and will be on web too.


Hi @Sreerajpv

Missed responding to this message, this is available on the Options Trader app on Dhan. Do check, you will find it helpful.

@PravinJ :point_up_2:
हे add to basket फिचर धनच्या वेबसाईटवर किंवा चार्टवर दिलं असतं तर अजूनच सोयीस्कर झालं असतं!
Mobile war handy nahiye.

Tradingview Dhan (Tv.dhan) me ye feature kab aayega , option chain me se directly basket me add kar paye !?


Hi @Varsha777

Yes, we want to bring this feature. But again, is hosted version and we do not have complete flexibility. We will evaluate and try to incorporate if it is feasible.


I just noted a BUG in option chain on web.dhan

When we try to add a PE to the Basket, it opens a popup for CE instead.

Seems like a minor mapping issue, please get it fixed.

Also, a minor UI bug… when we open option chain on web.dhan, as soon as it auto-scrolls to the ATM strike, the option to select/change expiry gets hidden

@Naman @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Hi @pranav.bhargava,

Thanks for highlighting.

We have identified what is causing the PE vs CE scenario. This will be updated by next week.

We will review the expiry selection UI case as well and update asap.

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Thanks for the prompt response!!

Similar we want from dhan web option chain also.
Please please make this happen and everything is perfect