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Hi All,

Traders on Dhan have shown overwhelming support for our partnership with TradingView.

We launched for Dhan traders in December β€˜21 and, thereafter we continuously made an effort to bring more features and improve the trading experience.

Trading is more about understanding the pattern with numbers, hence data and analytics play an important role in finding trade opportunities. At Dhan, we want all our users to be top of the market and stay updated always. Here we are with a few data & analytics features for

Continuing our endeavour to bring a better experience for our users we are now live with a few more features & enhancements on

Live 15 - Minute Built-Up Data for Futures

Built-Up data is inference for market direction and price action based on Open Interest and change in price. In simple words, it lets you know whether the majority of the positions are entering fresh or exiting the open ones. This helps traders to find support & resistance zones for intraday trading. Following are the inferences that can be made using this data.

Open Interest Price Inference
Increased ⇧ Increased ⇧ Long Build Up: Fresh longs made entry
Decreased ⇩ Decreased ⇩ Long Unwinding: Existing longs squared off
Increased ⇧. Decreased ⇩ Short Build Up: Fresh shorts made entry
Decreased ⇩ Increased ⇧ Short Covering: Existing shorts squared off

On, we have provided live Built-up data for every 15 minutes. This is available for all the futures contracts across segments including commodity & currency. You get to see the following data points in one place to make a better judgment of price actions:

  • 15-minute time interval.
  • Price range of scrip for particular time interval
  • Net Open Interest standing and % change in OI
  • No. of Fresh & Squared-Off OI
  • Traded Volume

PS: Not to confuse, Volume & Open Interest are two different things :wink:

Live Trading Data

Investigators and detectives often use the cut-up technique to look for evidence in multiple patterns and deduce new & different clues to solve the case. Similarly, looking at the multiple data sets related to the market, which are combinations of price, volume, open interest, bids, and asks, gives new ideas and thoughts to find a trading opportunity. Here we are with the three most popular live data sets on

  • Real-Time Trades
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
  • Market Depth on Charts

All the data feeds are the same as we use for other dhan platforms.

Hope you enjoy trading on with these live data and analytics tools.
We continue to ship features & updates and make Dhan better every day, to ensure you get the best
Investing & Trading experience.

Happy Trading!

Product Team


Thanks a lot Dhan for the feature. Will explore the same


Live built-up is not so live. Atleast for me.

It seems like, it don’t get update itself. I have to close that window and reopen it to so what’s happening.

thank you for your best approach towards future , i am very happy with these featute and i also able to login to trading view but it show basic and problem is not able to search options in trading view view dhan broker login so please look in it to do flawless and joyful trading

Hi @asgkbotany,

Thank you for your kind words. This is the first level of integration with TradingView.

Currently, NSE (Futures & Equity) are available to trade from TradingView. You can try to get TradingView experience on Dhan and trade in Options.

Thank you for your reply,I have one more query about trading view integration access ,I can only apply three indicator on chart,in this context ,in free trading view also same is thre except bar play is available in integrated dhan ,so in what way dhan users can do best trading in trading view dhan integrated platform

I requested you please provide papertrading option in dhan platform it may useful new traders and also help to get more people join in our dhan community

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15 Minute Built-Up Data for Option is not available, whereas Fyers Securities provide it with option chain. It will be very helpful if Dhan provides the same.

Hi @Mousumi.Baneswar,

We have noted your suggestion on 15 minutes built-up data for Options. Thank you!