Live: Now Buy & Sell directly from Option Chain on TradingView

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Dhan’s TradingView trading platform (on has almost all the important indicators and drawing tools a trader would ask for. We have built a few over-the-top features on together with the members of this community to improve their trading experience. Over the past few months, we have shipped many such capabilities for traders - right from executing Basket Orders, Synchronisation of Charts Settings, New Indicators, Live Data & analytics tools, Futures Chains, Options Chains, Greeks, and much more…

Options are the most traded instruments in Indian capital markets. One of the unique things that Dhan provides for Indian traders - is the ability to trade on Options, with Options Charts and access to Options Chain, right on top together.

Options’ charts and Options Chain together provides almost all of the data and info a trader needs during the market hours, right from price action, open interest movement, greeks of the contracts, and volume profiles. On top of it, if you apply technical indicators like VWAP or RSI you get the idea of momentum and oscillation as well.

Dhan’s TradingView console (on gives you features and facilities where you can open charts of all legs of your option strategy along with charts of the underlying and options chain together on the same screen. Here is the example for Nifty Iron Condor - a four-leg strategy.

We already have an Options Chain on our trading platform, along with all the necessary data points including greeks.

Now we have included a simple, but compelling addition that many of our users had requested - you now have the choice of the Buy & Sell button on Option Chain itself for each option contract that is shown. Also, we have added the button to open charts directly from the chain. Small but significant addition for traders in Options.

I hope you like this update, let us know in the thread what all more additional tools you need for Options Trading on our trading platform on

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hyat ADD TO THE BASKET ha option pn dyayla pahije hota.

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Noted. Dont want to overwhelm users with a lot of tabs or buttons at once.

Please be assured we have noted your feedback.

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Strike price la Daily, Weekly & Monthly chi TF kadhi uplabdha honar?

Though this is a great feature, the implementation has a flaw in it. On clicking Buy/Sell button in option chain, the order placement window must open in front of the option chain. Instead, it is being overlapped and masked by option chart causing bad experience to the user. Attaching a screenshot for your reference. Could this bug be fixed?

You seem to have undocked the window. You can dock it back.

Then it moves to the right

Thank you for the reply. Docking the order placement window may fix this issue to some extent. But when we include Option Greeks, the option chain expands horizontally blocking the docked order window.

I think the better solution would be to make the order window float (after undocking) on the screen in front of option chain, something like below for example. This would be more convenient from user perspective (not generalizing, just my personal view).

This isn’t a bug that needs immediate attention, but would be happy if fixed. Just a thought. Thank you!

Docking means each window pane won’t overlap with another pane. See this on my PC

Thank you for quick response. Could you just maximize your option chain just to avoid scrolling it horizontally and try once?

Below is what I see even after docking.

Hmm, when the option chain window is maximized then it overlaps as this window is not docked and is just floating. May be you can drag this window to the left. Just a quick suggestion to make this work as is. Up to Dhan team if they have a better solution.

We can drag it to the left or we can avoid maximizing the option chain to overcome this issue, you are correct. But to make it more convenient, I am just suggesting the Dhan team to make the order placement window as a floating window when undocked. :slight_smile:

By the way, do you know what Tick, Price, Money and % mean in the “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss” sections of order placements? Do we have any document on Dhan platform to understand these basic terminologies related to orders? I don’t see these things in any other broker’s platform, so little confused.

Thank you!

You can specify any one out of Tick, Price or Money and other fields will adjust automatically. Here is a short explanation on what each mean.

Ticks - A tick is the minimal price change possible for a security. You can get the tick size from the symbol info. So you specify how many ticks security must move for you to book profit or exit at a loss. For e.g for a security with tick size 0.05, 1000 ticks would correspond to 50 point move in security LTP from entry.

Price - the LTP change to book profit or loss. For e.g you want to exit when security LTP moves by 100, you specify 100 here.

Money - this is dependent on position size and specify in actual rupee terms the profit and exit levels. For e.g :- you have 50 units of a security and you need to exit when your loss is Rs.5000 then you specify 5000 here. This is equivalent to putting 100 in price field or 2000 in tick field (if min tick is 0.05)

% - percentage movement in LTP to book profit or loss. I am not sure whether this is actionable at Dhan as putting a number here doesn’t reflect a corresponding value on other fields. @Dhan_Help @naman pls clarify.

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That’s a great explanation, really helps.

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