LIVE: Now Convert your MTF Holdings to Delivery

Hello Investors & Traders,

We launched Margin Funding on Dhan in November last year and have received immense love from our users on the feature since. In our endeavour to make it available holistically, we extended MTF to our trading APIs, and very recently to Forever OCO Orders as well.

Margin Funding on Dhan is already very popular with our users, mostly with Swing Traders and Investors who have a short-term view on stocks.

Very often we have had users come to us with requests on converting their MTF Holdings to Delivery. Till now, we were doing this as a manual process taking requests from our users. To enhance your experience, we now introduce the option to Convert MTF Holdings to Delivery easily from your Dhan App.

To convert, just tap on the respective MTF Holding and you will see an option to Convert to Delivery there. You can select the quantity you would like to convert & on receiving your request, our risk teams will run their internal checks for margins and risk. Post assessing the same, the updated status of your holdings will start reflecting by the next day.

One of the biggest factors to convert MTF to Delivery is margin available, Hence, we would request our users to please ensure you maintain sufficient balances equal to the value of the scrips, else the request will get rejected.

By having the option of converting MTF to Delivery, you can choose where and how you would like to allocate your funds to take the advantage of leverage in your equity trades.

We hope this makes your MTF experience on Dhan even more fulfilling.

Product @ Dhan


Dhan live chal raha h aaj market why

Hi @dshekhawat1440,

The Exchange is holding a Mock Trading Session today. You can observe price fluctuations and place orders, but they wonโ€™t affect your account as they wonโ€™t be settled. Your account will be restored after the mock session.

We have also notified this in the home tab section of application & web portal.

Read more here :

Hi @Pranita

On the App, I could see this option to convert MTF to delivery. But I couldnโ€™t find it on the Dhan web.

Where is it availalbe on the Web?


Hey @rustam ,

It will be live on web shortly, not live yet. have edited the post to avoid further confusion.

Product @ Dhan

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