Live Option Chain in Excel from Dhan Platform

Hi Team,

Do we have any facility to export option chain in excel (live option chain) just like other Broker platform? we use this data for studies & apply own strategies based on excel formula. It will be very useful if we can some how have live excel option chain data from dhan platform (while logged in Dhan account).

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Hi @ScorpionKing, nope - we do not have this. If you have it already, i am assuming it can be used readily. Unsure how we can add more value to it.

I do have option chain in excel but not advance as Dhan (with live option greeks) Can i have your email please, its better to discuss further on email so that i can explain you better with images for the specific requirement.

hi @ScorpionKing, sure. you can write to us on

Hi Pravin, I already emailed but didn’t see any response to my email?