Login Issues when putting PIN on web.dhan.co

Why I am getting this error and login is not hapen?

Just checked @onkar login systems are working fine across. We will have your logs checked, request to drop a line to our customer service team at help@dhan.co

After clearing the cookies on broswrs it working fine for now, but surly send the email support regarding it.

Thanks for getting back

i am unable to login into dhan web after putting in otp and password nothing comes up

Hi @jaimishra welcome to Dhan community!

As per our discussion on call, we understand that you are now able to login in web portal.

unable to login in web portal 18.08.2023

kindly help mam , unable to login today

Am able to login. What error are you getting ?

after puting in pin , nothing happens

dhan logo keeps revolving


This is sort of what I was talking about on our call yesterday.
In my case, it was happening on the mobile app.

Am still to receive mail from Dhan regarding refund status.

What is u r full weburl - web.dhan.co ?


Seems to work fine at my end. Can you clear your browser cache and try again ?