Logout Issue in Currency Segment

Hi @PravinJ @Naman ,

While trading in the currency segment I’ve observed that Dhan Web logs me out at exactly 4.45PM (15m before to the currency segment closing). Including me many traders try to adjustment their overnight positions just before closing to get the better rates. At this critical moment, unwanted logout creates real panic and causes loss of time.

I tried to explain this issue to Dhan Support in chat but the person in charge kept asking for the screen recording, which may not possible for me in this particular case. Without asking for video recording, Dhan team should be able to check the login/logout timings in audit records and figure out the the issue by self investigation.

Hoping to see this problem getting addressed in the next couple of days.

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Didnt happen today, tried to replicate this.

Hey @PravinJ ,

This did happened today as well. It should have been recorded in the audit logs I suppose. Otherwise, what could trigger the auto logout on the desktop?

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Hey @PravinJ @Naman @Dhan_Help ,

Faced the same issue today.

Hoping Dhan team will do some serious investigation and provide a fix.

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Hi @pushpa @amit

We dug down and found that you have logged-in at 8:44:43 am. We have kept a session validity of 8 hours, so automatically system logged you out at 4:44:43 pm. This was made keeping the exchange regulations and compliance in mind.

We understand your issue, and pain of signing out during the peak currency market timings. Be assured, we will come up better solution for currency traders and balancing all the regulations.


Thanks @Naman!


Since now we know the session duration is 8hrs, we can manage the timings accordingly and avoid the rush hour situation.

@PravinJ ,

Considering currency and commodity segments in mind, hope Dhan could redefine the session duration by taking relevant permissions from the exchange authorities.

Sure, noted. As mentioned by @Naman we will try to figure out things here.