Long way for Dhan to beat Zerodha or Upstox

I was very excited while onboarding Dhan a year back. It was in its nascent stage and already providing a lot of features with good UX.

But like with every product trying to do a lot of things in unreasonably less time, they have introduced a lot of bugs in their code. So much so that it is now hard to count or remember. In every use-case, I come across at least one bug, forget the bad UX. For instance, when you execute a basket having Sell orders, it shows “Executed successfully”, but it does not if the EDIS verification hasn’t been done. It doesn’t show any error in that case.

Also, been a year of talk but OCO sell orders in GTT are not introduced yet. Seems like they are only building the app either for Intraday traders or FnO ones.
OCO sell orders in GTT helps Swing traders to get the same experience as a bracket order in Intraday, so I cannot stress how important that feature is.

Also, the Smallcases SIPs are not automatic for Dhan, while they are automatic in Upstox and Zerodha.

Needless to say, I have stopped using Dhan and moved back to Zerodha now, mainly for two reasons -

  1. Poor User Experience with lots of bugs.
  2. No Sell order GTT support.



Hey @mark3tn00b, seems this is second thread, originally responded here - Stop loss for swing trading - #6 by PravinJ

Yes, for Basket Orders or overall sell experience we do miss not having POA as regulations changed, but these will improve with DDPI.

Basket Orders sell, feedback noted. Will try to improve.

Hi @mark3tn00b ,

Just to check on the smallcase SIP part, have you set bank mandates on both these platforms for SIP deduction?


FYI, Smallcase will not show Auto-sip option if the broker is Dhan. (Check this)

Confirmed it with the Smallcase support. This option will be shown if the broker is Zerodha or Upstox, but not Dhan.

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Hey @mark3tn00b ,

The reason you are able to do it on Zerodha is because of bank mandates. They are a pre requisite to activate auto SIP on smallcase. This is already a part of our roadmap and you can expect it shortly on out platforms as well.

Product @ Dhan


Looking at this thread, I realized that there are many other users out there eagerly waiting for the GTT option with OCO capabilities. Just wanted to know in which release you are planning to rollout this feature on both app and web platforms. While placing GTT sell orders, the capability of OCO is super helpful for people like me who does swing trading.

I know Dhan is very good at bringing trader/investor friendly features in every product update and curious to know if this is coming out in upcoming update by any chance. Thank you!

Yes @ravi_krishna, on our list of things to ship.

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@PravinJ After Dhan announced DDPI, it promised Forever sell orders with OCO features by May/June '23.
That feature is still not planned properly, and we have seen that your team has integrated PhonePe/GooglePay apps directly on the “Add Money” page to get rid of adding UPI IDs.
Was that really a higher priority task compared to a very useful OCO feature?
This is how Dhan team takes decision -

  1. F&O traders are the highest priority.
  2. Intraday traders are God.
  3. No other priority, let’s just improve “Add money” feature because it will fill Dhan wallets :money_mouth_face:
  4. Oh go away, swing traders and long-term investers. Go pick smallcases and stratzy which are not even beating Mutual Fund returns.