Margin money page: Incomplete details

Reached out to support and been 3 days, noone bother to respond.

When selling any stock, money page on app doesn’t show any details of pending settlement hence can’t calculate the future money i will be having for investing.

I have two concerns here;

  1. Lack of detailing in app regarding settlement amount
  2. Noone bother to respond from your support team on email

Hope this will be clarified here as a last resort.


Hi @Vivekb

Welcome to Dhan community.

On #1, can you share what exactly you are looking for, On Dhan we pretty much show all that is available across the industry. In addition to this, we show Delivery Sell Benefit upfront, and also any Option Premium that is present. We will soon introduce running balance in ledger to make it even easier.

On #2, all our customer service tickets are closed on the same day. Not sure how this is missed, can you fwd that email to us on and Thank you.

Forwarded the email followup chain of 3 days to feedback which has all details of information that’s not available on money page.

Support team accepted that you don’t display this important data but when I am following up to know how to get these details, there is no response.

Expecting clarification this asap.