Margin pledge facility

Hi team,

I want to open an account with Dhan and just waiting for the margin pledge facility to start.
When can we expect the margin pledge facility on your platform?


Hi Kunjan,

We have noted your request. Be rest assured, our community members will be the first to try this out when we do decide to launch it.

Meanwhile, would love for you to try out all our other industry-first features on Dhan and give us your feedback.

PLus 1 for this,

Planning to move a large amount to Dhan shortly, it would be a whole round experince if MTF is available soon. :orange_heart:


Hi, Anirudha,

Any tentative date on the launch of MTF ?

Waiting for MTF. @Dhan let us know when is going to be LIVE.
I will jump the boat as soon as this is launched.

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Hi @sire,

Stop waiting & start Investing!! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve just gone live with our most awaited future “Margin Pledge”. Do check it out here.

We are sure you are enjoying the trading experience on Dhan (App, Web, and TradingView), and pledging is going to make this even better.

Thinking of moving your existing stocks to Dhan, well that is also possible now - simple and 100% digital, read here on transferring your shares to Dhan .

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.