Margin required option in trading view order window

Kindly provide Margin required option in trading view order window .


Yes! this feature is missing from dhan tradingview… I am always having to calculate it before punching order… Don’t know if dhan developers even read our posts.


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it will be really useful.

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Yes, much needed feature

They have already replied to same query earlier. They said they want to keep original Tradingview order window and there is some limitations to adding this feature.

Yes @sharu_john you are right.

Hi @sonupandit29 @SudeeptoDas @Sahil @DVKR - yes. we want to keep the native TradingView order placement experience intact as we plan to build many trading features on top of it.

Wherever, you we can include margins we have added on TradingView, like Basket Orders. We will revisit this request (I know its a miss) whenever we TradingView enables the same in their charting library that we use.

why though ? why dhan wants to keep this native TradingView order experience.

fyers, zerodha (tradingview lite), Choice FinX (formerly Jiffy) even agnel one (maybe some more but i have only tested above platforms), they all have TradingView and they are not sticking to “native order placement” or “some limitations to adding this feature”.

Native experience on TradingView is only offered on Rest all platforms we have shown margin required, as it is our platform.