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Why is data API not free for super traders in the cash segment and only for F&O super traders? @Hardik

Hello @sv28

As you may know, we have zero brokerage on Equity delivery and minimal charges for Equity Intraday trades. Hence, it is possible for anyone to exploit our Data APIs by making the required amount of trades in cash segment in a single day itself. To avoid this scenario, and extend our APIs to serious traders only, we have kept this condition of 25 F&O trades.

@Hardik @PravinJ
I would request you to make super trader conditions like
“25 f&o trades in 30 days or 75 f&o trades in 90 days”
it will be good for me :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hello @HIR

Noted. It would be helpful if you can explain the need for such an arrangement for us to understand your requirement better.

for this reason, I asked for a 3mnts trades calculation

Hello @HIR @sv28 @stanly_thomas

We just opened a thread seeking suggestions for Market Feed API. We would love to have your suggestions there - Coming Soon: Market Feed Data API from Dhan, Seeking Suggestions from Dhan Community

Good Afternoon @Hardik

As i am not a Dhan User but i want to know what Marketfeed API provides how many Request i can make in a min. Can we get any Documentation what API are availaible in Market Feed API


Hello @abhiabairagi1

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Market Feed Data will be over a websocket and hence, there will be no request limitations per min. We are currently building this and hence, there is no public documentation available. This will be exclusive to Dhan users only and we are planning to release it shortly.

Hope this helps!

Hey @Hardik

Thank You for response

I will register in Dhan then i can access all the Market feed API (real time data) by paying 499 or make more than 25 order per month.

So MarketFeed Api(Real time data) is it Live ?


Hello @abhiabairagi1

Yes. Market Feed will be live tick by tick data.

@Hardik - When is the Live Market feed API planned to be release. Any timeline or ETA for it ?

Hi @Khaleedh

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We are actively working on it and will make sure to keep you updated as soon as we have a specific time frame available.

I didn’t know that you don’t have the market feed API production ready. That too, would be available for a hefty subscription that makes it practically unusable for somebody who is just starting out.

The fear of abuse is absolutely rubbish and only a naive person would agree with you. If you can rate limit the order API, so could the other measures be taken. it’s not going to cost you a lot of bandwidth anyway. If 24/7/365 music and video streaming services could be available to the masses without a charge, why can’t a few bytes of text responses to the minority group of programmers turning to trading?

Your API developers gets paid whether or not some individual traders or organizations (who makes a lot of money day trading, already) buy into your subscription.

That leaves me only two options,

  1. Figure out if it is possible to place orders programmatically using the TradingView platform integration.

  2. Sign up with the Fyers, who have all the discounts that you are giving as a discount broker and a completely free, production ready API. Plus some even more discounts such as no charge for pledge and unpledge. Groww and Dhan (If I am not wrong) charge on when you unpledge.

First I get to know that Groww don’t have a clue on the API development. Now signed up with Dhan and who knew, the information was not disclosed before hand.

Otherwise, I would have looked even more.

I request to the product manager @Anirudha to come up with an alternative business modal on this feature. Such as a smaller percentage on the profit made on the orders placed using the programmatic access. If you can’t absolutely afford to do away with the fees like some other discount brokers. And please make it clear on the pricing page somewhere beforehand.

It’s funny that you haven’t even launched the market feed API but came up with the subscription price. No free trial or the first adopter advantage.

NSE provides Level 1 data for free. If you just want to trade on the price action or technical indicators, L1 is all you need.


I am evaluating Fyres currently for the exact same reason.

Dhan’s pricing policy doesn’t makes sense. Their focus is on derivates traders and therefore they’ll get APIs for free after a threshold, but the same is not applicable for cash segment.

Hello @thebigshort

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We have kept the pricing such wherein if you are a Dhan Trader, you do not end up paying any charges for any of the APIs. We have kept a minimal pricing for Data APIs to ensure that the data is being used by serious traders only. If I were to compare our server cost per user for Data APIs to the price, our server costs far outweigh the price. Hence, earning money through APIs is not what we are looking for here.

On Market Feed, yes it is under development and rest assured, there will not be any hefty subscription fees to access it. The pricing that you see is for all Data APIs, and currently, we do have Historical Data API which is widely used.

We have a flat brokerage pricing module and we plan to keep it that way. Also, as stated, there is no plan to earn money through API access.

Hello @sv28

We focus on all segments and all types of users here, whether they be traders or investors.

Data API pricing has been kept minimal for the exact same reason. And the only reason to have a barrier of 25 F&O trades here is simply to have a filteration for genuine use cases only. As you know, we do not charge anything for equity delivery at Dhan, and hence anyone can place 25 trades in a single day and start polling our Data APIs.

We want to ensure that APIs are not being misused and we can serve our users the best.

Good for you. Or the Dhan traders.

I know how much the web services cost, on a scale. But thanks anyway.

can you suggest Python code using DHAN API for getting the NIFTY LTP.

Hello @sachinjha

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Currently, you cannot get LTP data via DhanHQ APIs as we are building Live Market Feed and yet to release the same. You can use our 1 min OHLC data for intraday if that helps you.

Here is the link to the documentation for the same - Historical Data - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document. You can find detailed python documentation here itself.

So there is no Pine editor or Strategy tester on even though there is no limit on the number of indicators used or charts split layout.

Although both these features are available with the free TradingView plan.

Because you really not trying to earn money with a INR6K a year API subscription?