Marking a stock within a watchlist for shortlist OR moving (not manually adding) a stock from one shortlist to the other shortlist

Hello, Currently I don’t see any functionality:

  1. To either move one or multiple stocks from one watchlist to another watchlist
  2. To mark (color coding/highlighting) a stock within a watchlist

This is available in Tradingview but not on the
This functionality I believe is an essential part of managing watchlists.


Hi @AkashRana, this capability is not extended to the hosted version we use on If this is of comfort and convenience to you, will suggestion connect Dhan to TradingView (main) via TradingPanel of TV and execute trades directly from there.

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Sure Pravin. Thanks for the response. I will manage it from hosted version only as I want to use tv.dhan for trading. No worries. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: