MCX is going live with New Trading Platform from Mon, 16 Oct 2023

Can we mail so that those can be considered as orders and submit it from backend .

I mean fresh orders

I also faced the same issue Copper MCX trade at 12.oopm and my whole Margin amount is also blocked. Mailed to Dhancare team they replied 4.56pm that my order is executed at exchange but and will be reflected in positions after some time. But till now nothing has been updated in positions on the web platform.
I want to now who will be responsible if we face unavoidable unnecessa looses due to this glitch wherein our trade is not reflecting in positions. It’s a serious concern and must be taken care of.

Arvind .

Lot of opportunities are missed in commodities due to this glitch. I have 23 orders pending.

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help now earlier executed orders are reflecting in position page. But it is for me showing 1 lot more than what I intended. I tried to square off the extra existing position but it is not allowing me to do so. It is showing the AMO window and saying market closed (when market is live and kicking). Please help.

Unable to place orders on DHAN for NG, Crude. Please help. says markets are closed

All these orders were showing pending now they are all gone from pending list, some are showing in my positions but not all, not sure what will happen to my money, total of 26 lacs are at stake here. What Dhan is doing to resolve it. How quick it will be resolved?

In todays age of lightning fast things (thats what they advertise) when we will know the answers?

Hi @khatrig2 Yes, we understand however in this case the issue is at MCX, and their team is trying to get this resolved.

So this means whatever I have placed in last 4 hours will be given in my positions when all this is resolved?

My position is in loss due to this technical problem, and i am still unable to place stoploss or close the position. Shall we have to wait till full capital get vanished?

TCS is well known for doing all these failures when they take new projects, whenever they take over any new client they ness up the transition. In this case, peoples money is directly involved, so this must have been given to a better company.

I am calling you to address your query.

Can you open the new orders atleast I can average down my positions in the mean time the glitch is resolved. I have to add more NG futures. Why to lose profit opportunities when all this is going on? Please open new orders, if they settle later I am fine with that.

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Thanks, Rahul sir please let me know once the order is closed.

We have released your margins, if you intend to add any positions request you to please do call and trade on 02248930450.

HI Rahul, trade is executed and now I am unable to close the position . Already in a loss of 5k. Says market closed. How was the trade executed? And why am in not able to close the trade??? Could you plz help???

Can you please call me, I tried calling customer care but it is on waiting for a long time. I have to add more positions.

I am unable to exit position for crudeoilm. Showing market closed. Please help, can you exit from backend

Hi Rahul
I have exit all my positions, but after that one sell order of crude oil ce position showing in my acount, I am unable to close it, please close it from backend or send me the call trade facility number

Please call me I have to add more positions?

Same issue with me. What to do I don’t have ay idea. Please help.