MFT quite high than market compitarion

hi seen MFT its welcome feature. but intrest per annum is 15.49 per…which quite high…as lowest by m.stock is 8per.i think u guys shud match that price so many will divert to dhan.thanks

Hi @vrpatilisl, MTF is being rolled out selectively for few users. As a business - we will never compete on pricing, having said that we always ensure we are in alignment with the industry standards when it comes to pricing.

For a business, the cost of capital today varies from 14-18% depending on its source - either from a bank or NBFC. It’s more or less public data:

Considering that, we are super aggressive with our pricing. We spend a lot every month in product, technology and infrastructure. Have shared my personal views on broking industry and pricing here: Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward | being practical

Hi Sir,
I got MTF feature in my buy order window, thanks for this facility.
We need some changes in this.

  • Order validity more then a day ( Request to provide forever order in MTF)
  • Stoploss order also more then a day for forever order.
    -Fund should block only on execution of order so that we can keep orders in system.

Noted this, we will keep updating the MTF experience. Have lots of requests for Forever orders, we are exploring this.

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Feedback taken, Banks have insane advantage when it comes to cost of funds. If there is an opportunity to pass back interest - we will explore this.

Request for Forever Order in MTF from my end as well
Hope we see this feature soon

Feedback noted, we will add this to our list of things to do.

Hey @yogesh86k @laxman ,

Forever orders with OCO are now available for MTF & Equity. Read more here - Now Live: Forever Orders with OCO (for MTF & Equity)


Great news Thanks a lot and selute to Dhan Team

Hi Team,

In reference to Forever order in MTF only Stoploss and Target child orders are available but there should be there orders, Entry order is not available, it is useful only after entering into the position?